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Check The Most Reasonable And Competitive Minivan Prices From KINGSTAR

Minivan is a North American car classification for vehicles, this vehicle is more commonly known as an MPV. MPV is multi-Purpose Vehicles which is evolved from car. With larger space, comfortable seating and also cargo loading in one vehicle. Normally this is “two-box” body structure, normally could be load 7 to 8 person. KINGSTAR is with competitive minivan prices.

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In a strict sense, minivan is a vehicle for family use. Passenger cars converted from commercial vans aimed at groups of customers are not yet true minivans. The space of MPV is relatively larger space than regularly cars with the same displacement. Also dimensions and specifications is not like cars.

The Intelligent Research Data shows with the development of family structure and the increasing of fuel price, MPV became a new type of family consumption automobile. The increase of family consumption will greatly accelerate the entry of MPV into the family car market, and family car purchase will become the new focus of the MPV market.

2. The classification of minivan

There are kinds of methods of minivan classification. Such as the usage, from usage aspect, minivan could be divided into family minivan and commercial minivan; From the seats classification, it could be divided into 5 seats minivan and 7 seats minivan.

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2.1 Large MPV:

The length of large minivan over 4,600nn, seat capacity normally above 7 seats with three rows.

2.2 Compact MPV:

   The dimension of the compact minivan is between 4,200 to 4,600mm, seating capacity is 6~7 person with three rows (2+2+2 or 2+3+2). Previous two rows seats used mostly, the third row normally is assist seats.

2.3 Middle MPV:

   The dimension of the middle minivan is between 4,100 to 4,200mm, seating capacity is 5~6 person with two rows.

2.4 Mini MPV:

   Mini MPV was being popular since from 2000, the dimension is around 4,100mm, seating capacity is below 5 seats with two rows.

2.5 Microvan:

   Compares with the traditional hatchback, microvan is deliberately taller.

3. Minivan from KINGSTAR

Before providing the minivan prices. I will have a introduction about the minivan to let you know clearly about the minivan.

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3.1 The exterior of the minivan

This model we called M50F with 7 seats. The dimension of the minivan is 4,580×1,730×1,850mm, the wheelbase is 2,800mm, the height is 1,850mm. From the exterior space, it is a quite beautiful shape. The body height and wheelbase have advantages in the same class models. And the starting price of US$ 9,400 for this minivan price is quite a competitive price compares with the same class models.

3.2 The tires of the minivan

The tires of the minivan are 195/60 R16. We have four different types for this minivan. And the braking system is different also.

3.3 The engine of the minivan

The engine for this minivan is GE15A for four versions, 5MT transmission is for Comfort MT and Elite MT; CVT transmission is for Comfort CVT and Elite CVT. The body structure of the minivan is all the same with 5-door and rear sliding door. The 100km fuel comprehensive consumption is 6.9L/100km and the fuel tank volume is 50L. The displacement is 1.499L, peak power is 80/6000 KW/rpm; The peak torque is 145/4000 N·m/rpm, the emission standard is GB VI.

3.4 The Chassis and steering system of the minivan

This is a monocoque body structure minivan. The front suspension type is the MacPhereson Strut, the rear suspension type is Multi-link dependent suspension; The steering assist type is electric assist.

3.5 The interior of the minivan

The design of the interior belongs to the standard performance, the overall design shows classic style. The addition of the multifunctional steering wheel can improve the convenience of operation, and the visual effect is much better.  

The instrument panel is a mechanical double-dial design, with a monochrome LCD display in the center, which can display the basic information for driving.

This minivan equipped a 7inch central control multimedia navigation system. Also with Bluetooth, telephone and other normal used functions.

The shape of the three-knob air conditioning control area is simple and clear. The rear row has an independently adjustable volume of the air conditioner vent. The rear overhead air-conditioned evaporator could deliver the cool air to the rear seat better.

3.6 The seats of the minivan

    The standard of Elite CVT is using artificial leather seat as below pictures. For other version (Comfort MT, Elite MT, Comfort CVT) are using fabric material seat.

The seating arrangement with 2+2+3 layout. Especially the independent armrest on the second row makes more comfortable during driving.

There is an aisle between the two seats on the second row which is quite convenient for going to the third row.

3.7 The skylight of the minivan

The skylight is above the head of the second-row seat, although the space is not big but also can take care of the second and third-row seat passengers. The dimension of the skylight is 340 * 660 mm, the opening length is 300mm. The daylight area is around 0.22cbm, although the area is not big, it is helpful for improving airflow and lighting in the back row.

3.8 The storage space of the minivan

   You may put your drink beside your hands, this is quite convenient even for the second row.

       Folded the third-row seats to the front, the space of the expanded trunk is in a good structure, for daily things or larger baggage it is totally enough. 

Above is a full introduction about the parameter and features of the minivan. How are the minivan prices? Of course, you will have your doubt about this. The price is quite competitive in the same class models. This model we called M50F with 7seats starting at US$9,400. 

Please feel free to contact with us for more detail quotation sheet.



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