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Check The Fantastic Advantages Of Compact Van From KINGSTAR

1. What is a compact van?

Compact van refers to a small passenger and cargo vehicle, normally with 6~8 seats. The exterior of the compact van look at a “bread”, “bread vehicle” is slang from China. Most vans in domestic belong to commercial vehicles as the engine displacement is not large. Mainly are 1.0L, 1.2L, and 1.5L. The fuel consumption of 100km is mainly below 7L, which is a great advantage nowadays, especially the price of gas keeping increase.

Most van are economical and practical vehicle.

2. The application of the compact van

Compact van could be used as a special vehicle, multifunction vehicle, business vehicle, commercial vehicle, and also could be a family vehicle to loading cargos, travel, rental and other applications. But compares with the “bread vehicle”, the van is more comfortable and the exterior is more beautiful.

3. The development trend of compact van

From the very beginning, the compact van was imported from Japan to China. Because of historical reasons, the van in China also started with a short head of its exterior. But with the economic development of the society, the structure of the van also changed quickly. Vehicles are gradually has upgraded, the modern van has shed its “bread exterior” image of the past. The overall quality, equipment, and comfort of the van are close to the level of MPV. The sales of van accounted for 20% of the total sales, and it is still improving.

4. The advantages of compact van

4.1 Reasonable price:

This is one of the most important reasons that people choose the van. To these people, the first priority is to have a multifunction car to use.

4.2 Multifunctional:

It could be transport passenger and also could be loading cargo. For some big cities, traffic police has a strict inspection on this kind of vehicle as it can only loading passenger or cargo depends on the structure of the vehicle. But for some rural areas or small cities, the compact van is still the first priority for those shops or those people who just start-up their business.

4.3 Narrow body with higher chassis.

A lot of people may understand the importance of the chassis height for a vehicle passability. But many ignored the great advantage of the narrow body of the vehicle. Especially for that beginner, narrow street is a challenge. Worth mentioning that, the compact van has a great advantage when you go to a mine or a muddy road in a remote mountain area.

4.4 Rear drive:

Nature advantage of rear-drive is the power of the rear vehicle is easier than those front drive. Especially on the climbing road with a reasonable weight of the vehicle.

4.5 Good view:

The driver’s sight is the same as the height of a person standing on the ground.

4.6 Low maintenance fee:

Whether is daily maintenance or replacement of the parts. The price of a compact van is almost the lowest for all kinds of vehicles.

4.7 Large space:

Normally it could be loading 6~8 passengers.

5. The pure electric compact van from KINGSTAR

Compact Van

We have two versions of this pure electric van. C version and G version, the dimension of the van is 4,421 * 1,677 * 1,902mm, the wheelbase of the van is 3,050mm.

5.1 Below the detailed basic parameter of the pure electric compact van.
Compact Van
5.2 The interior of the compact van

The interior of the van belongs to family-style, compares with a traditional van, it is more classic and warm. The center stack of the van with silver decoration, the performance of the material, and workmanship are quite acceptable. The center stack made of gray hard plastic and with grain processing. The air condition with silver color of the three-knob style. In addition to simple radio functions, it also comes with an SD card slot and a USB port. What’s more, the air conditioning panel adopts the inclined design, which is more convenient for processing. The human design worth approving.  

Compact Van
5.3 The trunk of the compact van is quite big.
Compact Van
5.4 Special configurations:

Except for the standard equipment of the compact van, we have some special configurations of the van. Below the detailed information for your reference.

6. The advantages of the pure electric compact van.

The concept of pure electric vehicle has won great popular support of the society because of its advantages. Energy-saving and environmental protection are the eternal issues in economic development.

6.1 From a technical aspect, the biggest advantage of electronic products compares with an internal combustion engine is controllability.   

6.2 Of course, environmental protection is a sure thing. Zero-emission, zero pollution; can effectively reduce the emission of the vehicle.

6.3 The power of pure electric vehicles performance great. From the aspect of controllability, the electronic motor is more accurate than an internal combustion engine.

6.4 The structure of the pure electric compact van is quite simple, easy for processing.

6.5 The maintenance of the pure electric van is more convenient. Normally doing the maintenance of 5000km. Less maintenance fee.

From the above description, you may notice that purchase a pure electric van is the most economical and practical choice. With lower price but the higher performance of the vehicle, is definitely the best choice.

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