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KINGSTAR minibus can customize to ambulance special vehicle according to customer’s request.

1. Firstly, the definition of the ambulance minibus:

According to the dictionary: an ambulance minibus is a kind of minibus for medical purposes. It is always with many medical treatment facilities. Normally, there are medical cares that can be provided to the patient. The original purpose is to quickly respond to medical emergencies when there are emergency situations. When there is a patient who needs help, a minibus can quickly respond and carry equipment for emergency care. Most of the ambulances are adopting the designs of vans or pick up.

ambulance minibus

Generally, vehicles count as an ambulance if they can transport patients. However, it varies by KINGSTAR ambulance is adopting the design of minibus and minivan. We can customize the minibus according to the customer’s request. The vehicle is suitable for long-distance transportation of patients or emergency treatment in areas with high population density.  According to the needs of users, the equipment can be selected to best meet the long-distance transfer needs of patients.

ambulance minibus

2. Secondly, history of ambulance:

There are almost 200 years since the first ambulance appears. The technology of producing the ambulance and design of the ambulance become much better now. The outlook of the ambulance is always with light and alarm. It has the right of first-pass when in an emergency. This right helps the patient win over more time for life.

ambulance minibus

3. Finally, KINGSTAR ambulance minibus:

Minibus World is the leading manufacturers of PTS Ambulance and Patient Transport Vehicles.

Whether you require a used non-emergency PTS vehicle or a new PTS ambulance conversion we will work closely with you to fully understand your needs.

ambulance minibus

Every one of the ambulance minibus that we supply, either new or used combines functionality, patient comfort, reliability, and safety.

Our conversions are specially for your exact specification and using the latest components to meet your fleet requirements.

ambulance minibus

We ensure that you receive the customer care that you deserve throughout the life of your PTS vehicle.

ambulance minibus

To find a suitable PTS Vehicle please view our stock below or use the Search for a Patient Transport Service Vehicle using our search function.

ambulance minibus



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