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Achieve National VI go all out for mini bus van

Environmental issues have become increasingly prominent, and the Mini bus van with China VI engines is also on the agenda.

On June 27, 2018, the State Council issued the “Three-Year Action Plan for Winning the Blue Sky Defense War”. At the same time, governments at all levels have gradually issued various action plans for pollution prevention and control. In order to adapt to the development trend of the automotive industry and the requirements of the long-term development of the company, it is imperative for the vehicle research and development department of our factory to develop new mini bus vans that meet the National VI regulations, and it has become one of the core tasks of the Automotive Engineering Research Institute in 2020.

mini bus van

At present, the National VI project has completed various tooling and fixture development

The National VI project team played a decisive role in the development of the National VI new mini bus van. This is a team full of vitality, unity, forge ahead, and solid technology. The team is mainly responsible for many aspects. Such as the interpretation of National VI regulations, market model benchmarking. Moreover, their work also including special parts development, tooling, and fixture development, vehicle trial production test. As well as the production process guidance, inspection line upgrade, after-sales document preparation, etc.

At present, the National VI project has completed various works. Such as tooling and fixture development, special parts development, process BOM update, vehicle road test tests, and 5/50/150 trial production verification. 400 mini bus vans have been qualified and shipped to all parts of the country. At the same time, the dealers and car manufacturers have begun mass production plans of 500 units in January 2021. This plan involving single and double row fence models, Cangzha models, box truck models, and many other series. With subsequent production speeding up, the production of 10,000 units this year Goes ahead.

1. Innovation leads to development and joins hands to win the future.

The research and development of the National VI mini bus van is not only a matter of innovation and development of the enterprise but also a major event that benefits the people. For the National VI project team, team is full of confidence. As early as the end of 2017, the National VI product R&D layout was launched in full swing. Through a comprehensive interpretation of national policies and regulations and the analysis of mainstream technical solutions for National VI products, the company plan this in advance. The existing technical route of National VI products, combined with market feedback to further optimize performance indicators such as chassis power and load capacity, achieve the ideal state of “large power, low fuel consumption, and high quality”. The purpose is to meet the development trend of “low carbon, green” energy saving, and environmental protection.

At the same time, in accordance with the company’s requirements, the National VI project team adheres to the positive development process. The team members race against time with all their strength, rushing for time and ensuring progress. From project approval to vehicle design, special parts development. Including the prototype trial production, vehicle calibration, three highs Tests, announcements, and declarations. It took 1 year to complete the basic research and development work of the project.

The subsequent work will focus on the mass production of the National VI model and the development of derivative models.

The production line and the inspection line were successful. The single and double row 5/ Test production of 50/150 complete vehicles, 400 complete vehicles qualified off the assembly line. Moreover, the national VI new mini bus van can begin to be put on the market. So far the project research and development work are successful. Also, vehicle production, sales, and other work began to gradually move towards scale.

2. Focus on unity and mutual assistance, and create a harmonious team.

With the rapid development of society, the spirit of teamwork is an indispensable key to promoting economic development for an enterprise. The importance of teamwork is more prominent in an organization or department. People often say that “With unit-people, the mountains will move”. The National VI project team unites the characteristics of team members in various aspects, so that team members get along and communicate well, and have a common sense of team honor and mission. In the project for mini bus van development process. This has achieved a multiplier effect with half the effort, greatly improving work efficiency and rapidly promoting project work.

3. Continuously strengthen learning and improve technical level

Without a solid technical foundation, it is difficult to develop in a higher and better direction. In the process of mini bus van project development, teamwork stimulated the learning motivation of team members. Meanwhile, they improved the overall ability of the team, made full use of the network advantages and professional resources of the supporting suppliers. Finally, completed the progress of work and learning

All members of the National VI project team will take 2021 as a brand new starting point. They are positive and innovative, and use their wisdom and diligence to continue to work hard in ordinary positions; they will also strive for higher enthusiasm. Climbing the target and making greater contributions to the company’s future development.

The National VI mini bus van that has been researched with all efforts will be more environmentally friendly and higher performance.



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