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323 units vehicles to South America, included mini buses for sale from car dealer

 Mini vehicles are hot sale in South America, included mini buses for sale.

On December 6, 323 mini buses for sale, MPV, and SUV were shipped to South America at the terminal. This is the largest export order in a single batch of our factory since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, marking a full recovery in the South American market.   

mini buses for sale

 The South American market has always been the largest overseas market. As long as our factory’s local market share continues to increase, the imported model products gradually grow up. For example, in the Bolivian market, in the past three years, our factory’s market share in China’s export of local competing models has been close to 50%. It is the first brand of China’s export of local minicars. Mini buses for sale, MPV, and SUV are popular in the local taxi industry. The total exporting quantity is nearly 6,000. In 2019, in the field of microcars, our factory’s products in the domestic market share of exports ranking fourth.

Our factory’s overseas sales work continues to make new breakthroughs and open up new prospects.

Recently, it has successfully developed many new markets such as Iran, Ecuador, Brazil, etc.; realized batch shipment of CKD in Nigeria; first export of electric vehicles in Brazil; first batch export of medical vehicles converted from mini buses for sale; batch export orders for pickup trucks.   

mini buses for sale

The road is long and long, and I will search up and down. Our factory will focus on the innovative transformation plan formulated by the provincial party committee and the provincial government, intensify the development of markets along the “Belt and Road“. Furthermore, we will focus on promoting “precise, specialized and special” products. This including mini buses for sale, to further accelerate innovation and transformation and promote high-quality development.



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