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5 Hot Sale Points That Make the Best Small Cargo Van with Great Sale

What’s should be the consideration when we buy a small cargo van? Cargo vans are born for the city and town freight. This best small CARGO VAN can do 2 seats or 4 seats. Here we listed 5 points you may take into consideration when you purchase the small cargo van. And this may help you to choose the best small cargo van which is most suitable for you.

best small cargo van

In the 2-seater state, the rear cargo area of ​​the car can hold 1.5 tons of cargo. In the 4-seater state, the rear cargo area of ​​the car can hold 1.2 tons of cargo. This CARGO VAN is the perfect model for both cargo and passengers.

1. In terms of space.

It achieves the double surprise of large driving space and large cargo space. The main seat and the co-pilot seat can support four-way adjustment, making the sitting posture more comfortable and driving fatigue lower. The large capacity of up to 7 cubic meters greatly improves its loading capacity, thus ensuring that it can easily accommodate large and small items.

best small cargo van

2. In terms of load.

The best small cargo van uses 5 high-quality thick leaf springs with a thickness of 55mm and a maximum load mass of 2.5 tons to ensure that it can be loaded and stably loaded. There is a thicker aluminum alloy floor in the cargo area, which is more wear-resistant and has a higher carrying capacity.

best small cargo van

3. Safety:

In order to improve safety, we installed anti-collision partitions in the cargo area and driving area of ​​this minivan. In addition, the windows in the cargo area are all glass-enclosed windows, which have stronger impact resistance and scratch resistance.

4. In terms of power.

This best small cargo van uses a 2237CC gasoline engine or a 2.5L diesel engine, which is more powerful and effortless when loading cargo.

5. Others:

This best small CARGO VAN has independent intelligent control of the intake and exhaust variable valve timing system, which can fully adapt to various working conditions and save fuel to the greatest extent. It uses 16-inch steel wheels or aluminum wheels. The 16-inch steel wheel has a better carrying capacity and the aluminum wheel is more beautiful. In addition, electric rear-view mirrors are used to increase the driving safety factor.

Since 2003, this best small CARGO VAN has been widely welcomed by consumers for its high quality and affordable price. Especially in developing countries such as Ghana, Liberia, Senegal, Madagascar, and other African countries. There is also Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Guyana, Suriname, etc. in South America.



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