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The Three 1.2L Models of New Minibus from Automobile Factory KINGSTAR

KINGSTAR automobile factory produced many models. Recently, it launched 3 new models minibuses for their clients.

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A. KINGSTAR Automobile Factory New mini bus 1.2L model launched 3 models, which continues the current model shape design.

1. In terms of appearance.

KINGSTAR’s new minibus basically continues the design style of the KINGSTAR vehicles series. The large-size hexagonal front grille is matched with eye-opening headlights, and the design keeps pace with the times.

2. In terms of power.

The KINGSTAR New minibus 1.2L model(with 7000USD cost) is with a 1.2L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 56kW. Also with a maximum torque of 110N·m, which meets the National VI emission standards. The engine has outstanding stability, power, and fuel economy, and can also meet the daily needs of users for manning and pulling cargo.

3. In terms of body size.

The length, width, and height of the New minibus are 4425mm/1670mm/1860mm respectively, with a wheelbase of 2850mm and a maximum loading space of 4300L.

4. Sliding door.

In addition, the New minibus uses a sliding door design for the middle door, allowing the side door opening width to reach 700mm, while the tailgate threshold is only 480mm above the ground, which is more conducive to loading and unloading goods and has strong practicability. Large-size goods such as furniture and home appliances can also be easily loaded

5. The KINGSTAR Automobile Factory 1.2L New mini bus is with a 5-speed manual transmission.

6. The five-piece leaf spring as a non-independent rear suspension makes the load-carrying capacity of the New mini bus stronger.

7. More stable and safer.

The New minibus is with ABS+EBD and an electronic power steering system as standard. It will make the New mini bus driving more stable and safer.

The reliable and practical features of the new minibus will maximize user’s load requirements and easily achieve the goal of running fast.

B. The KINGSTAR Automobile Factory New mini bus has been tested on a comprehensive road surface of 40,000 kilometers. Also, its stringent test standards ensure the performance and quality of the new minibus.

   At the same time, special tests under different climatic and geographical environments, such as the high-temperature durability test in summer and the high cold durability test in winter, ensure that the New minibus still has stable performance in different environments in many places across the country.

C. After 10 years of development, KINGSTAR Automobile Factory series products have created a variety of high-quality models such as KINGSTAR, KINGSTAR PLUS, and KINGSTAR S.

With their outstanding product strength, they have received more than 4.6 million users’ recognition, and their product quality has been recognized by many classic models.

   As one of the “star models”, the product quality of the KINGSTAR New minibus is the same as that of family members and is worthy of users’ trust.

The KINGSTAR 1.2L new minibus further satisfies users’ high-quality and practical needs for vehicles.

D. KINGSTAR 1.2L new mini bus was launched in 2019. Previously, only 1.5L models were available.

   The introduction of the 1.2L model New minibus has further brought consumers a new choice with higher cost performance.

Of course, users who buy KINGSTAR V new minibus naturally value its practicality more.



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