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The Unique Advantages of New Mini Bus VC4 from Car Factory

VC4 new mini bus is positioned as a classic minibus mode. It is suitable for commercial use, but also suitable for home use.

new mini bus

1. In terms of appearance, the current VC4 new mini bus does not have too radical design elements. Also, it is a style that is easy for consumers to accept. The new Minibus is basically the same as the current model.

A. Firstly, the new minibus is designed with a wide chrome-plated trim strip. And the trip is connecting with the headlights on both sides to enhance the visual effect of the front face. Also, the VC4 new mini bus KINGSTAR logo is embedded in the middle.

B. Secondly, on the side of the body, a smooth waistline runs through the front and rear, further enhancing the body’s sense of movement. In terms of body size, the length, width, and height of the new Minibus are 4397*1730*1764mm, and the wheelbase is 2721mm.

2. As for the interior, the main focus is on the warm home style.

The new Minibus adopts a double-color-blocking interior color matching, which is matched with the wood-grain decorative panel to further enhance the texture of the Minibus.

3. In terms of configuration, it has good practicability.

   The new Minibus provides the following functions. Such as main driving airbag, tire pressure display function, main driving seat belt not fastened prompt, rear reversing radar, reversing auxiliary image, aluminum alloy wheels, remote control central door lock, advanced imitation leather seat, 8-inch color central control touch screen, rear-seat air conditioning outlet, steering column lock, child safety seat interface, etc. These can well meet the needs of consumers.

4. In terms of power, the new Minibus is with a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine. The engine is with a maximum power of 116 horsepower and a peak torque of 150 Nm. This meets the national five emission standards.

5. For the transmission system, the new Minibus is using a 5-speed manual gearbox.

6. The VC4 new mini bus is a relatively high-end Minibus in the product lineup. It is a commercial and domestic dual use-type product. It is suitable for multi-member households and can meet the occasional demand for goods.



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