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The Most Competitive Pricing of Affordable Minivans from KINGSTAR China

What will come first to your mind when you want to buy a minivan? Is it good? Is it safe? If they are my affordable minivans? KINGSTAR will share one of the affordable minivans today with you which have the characteristics of low fuel consumption and high reliability.

KINGSTAR model VC4 minivan is a modular space design, which maximum utilized the limited space and meeting different demands for driving, seating, and loading. The engine is as good as the brand SUZUKI. The minivan with great loading, low fuel consumption, low noise, and high reliability.  

Affordable Minivans
Affordable Minivans
The interior of the affordable minivans

For this model, the interior of the minivan is mainly in dark gray color with black decoration. It is quite simple and classic. The reading in black background and white words, reading is quite clear.

Affordable Minivans
The specification of the affordable minivans

The dimension & weights of the minivan

Model VC4 is one of our hot sale minivans. The fuel type is gasoline type, the overall dimension of the minivan is 4,010 * 1,620 * 1,915mm. The wheelbase of the minivan is 2,700mm. The curb vehicle weight of the minivan is 1,160kg, the gross weight of the minivan is 1,850kg. The seating capacity of this minivan is 7 to 8 passengers which is very suitable for a big family using or a family with children.

The system of the affordable minivans

This minivan is equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The front is an independent suspension, the rear is parallel leaf spring and absorber. The braking system of the minivan is the front disc rear drum brake system. The minimum turning radius is 5.2m, the tires of the minivan are 175/70R14LT. The max speed of the minivan is ≥130km per hour.

The engine of the minivan

The engine type of the minivan is EFI, DOHC, gasoline engine, the displacement of the minivan is 1,306cc, the max power of the minivan is 63/6000kW/rpm, the max torque of the minivan is 108/4000-4400N.m/rpm. The emission standard of the minivan is Euro IV.

For this model, our starting price will be USD5,500 per unit with our standard features. For more optional choices and detailed catalogs, please feel free to contact us.



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