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The First Batch of Combi Minibus Launched from Chinese Car Companies – KINGSTAR Minibus

 The import tariffs on whole vehicles are generally relatively high. Many countries will establish local assembly plants to import spare parts for assembly. Combi minibus is one of them.

 On November 13, our factory’s first batch of order products is ready to ship directly for export. We will ship to Nigeria soon. The launch product is combi minibus. It is exported to Nigeria in CKD mode (automobile parts assembly). With marking that our factory has achieved significant results in deepening the “going out” strategy.

We increased efforts to promote the export of the entire industrial chain

combi minibus

Over the years, in order to enhance the competitiveness of the international market, our factory has not only promoted the export of complete vehicle products. But also increased efforts to promote the export of the entire industrial chain such as manufacturing and after-sales service. It has cooperated with local dealers to establish an assembly factory to achieve localization. Production, covering local and surrounding markets nearby. The completion of Nigeria’s combi minibus project has promoted the export of the entire industry chain. It also promoted the implementation of after-sales service and other measures nearby, further enhanced the international competitiveness of our products, and increased employment opportunities for the local people in Nigeria.


Our factory actively responds to the national “One Belt One Road” policy, adheres to the two-wheel-drive strategy of equal emphasis on domestic and overseas markets, focuses on deepening the development potential of overseas markets and supports overseas distributors to grow bigger and stronger. With excellent product quality and good product strength, the products are exported to nearly 20 countries. Such as in Asia, Africa, and South America. In addition, it has successively set up marketing centers and after-sales service outlets in Many countries. Such as Egypt, Peru, Bolivia, and other countries to build overseas marketing networks. Now the export products have covered SUV, MPV, combi minibus, micro card, and other sales areas.



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