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The riders customized RV based on minibus price

 The minibus has many uses, commercial or own use.  Some car owners also modify their own cars based on minibus price, for example RV.

 The RV is our home on wheels when we walk the world with the sword! In fact, each RV of the riders has its own distinct personality characteristics. The interior layout is what you like. The interior accessories and the amount of water and electricity are also selected according to the number of travelers and the length of the journey. Therefore, each RV All are unique. Let’s take a look at a very special RV today. it is a special customized RV from a rider based on minibus price. 

minibus price

 The size of this customized version based on minibus price is 5995*2040*2650mm, which meets the National V emission standard. It is equipped with a VM2.8T diesel engine, matched with a 6-speed manual gearbox. Moreover, it is with a maximum power of 110 kW and a torque of 420 Nm.

Confugurations of the customized RV

 This customized RV based on minibus priceis equipped with a VM2.8T diesel engine, matched with a 6-speed manual transmission. Also with a maximum power of 110 kilowatts and a torque of 420 Nm. There are outdoor manual awnings, outdoor LED lights, electric steps, rear ladders, reversing image cameras, trailer bars, etc. around the body.

 With the consent of the riders, we went inside to shoot based on minibus price. The car adopts a six-seater layout, all seats are equipped with original seats. Also the upper part of the cockpit has a ceiling TV, imported audio and storage compartments. The seating area in the reception area is a double-seat style, with a dining table in the middle. It can be opened when driving with windows on the inside, a row of storage cabinets on the upper part, and an air purifier on the top.


minibus price

 There is still a multi-function kitchen counter at the door, equipped with a covered sink, an induction cooker, a double-door car refrigerator, a drawer for kitchenware, a microwave oven, etc. At the same time, there is also an imported 2.5kg car washing machine based on minibus price.

 The rear of the car is designed as the main rest area, and riders chose a structure with a horizontal bed. Next to it is the independent bathroom in the car. The water and electricity system has not been installed by riders. The RV comes standard with a 3000W inverter, 360AH battery, 120L water purification tank, and 60L gray water tank. At the same time, the National VI version of the new car will be launched, the dynamic performance is still strong and more environmentally friendly.


 Do you like this modified car based on minibus price?



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