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South America buy minivans from KINGSTAR – Car Manufacturer

South America buy minivans from KINGSTAR On January 4, 2021. The first batch of 100 orders for KINGSTAR after the resumption of work in the New Year successfully entered the Shanghai terminal. They are ready for customers in South America.

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In 2020, China faces the challenge of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and the whole country is fighting the epidemic. 2020 is also an important year for the development of KINGSTAR. After thoroughly implementing the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, under leadership and deployment, KINGSTAR organized local employees to resume work and resume production in batches and phases based on detailed and thorough epidemic prevention plans and strict implementation.

Then on February 24, most employees can return to work to achieve normal production and operation. During the resumption of work and production, the company strictly monitors the dynamics of employees’ travels. They measure the temperature of all employees entering the factory, monitors their physical conditions on the day. And completes disinfection of commuter car canteens and dormitories in public places, including various epidemic prevention work. In their respective positions, they skillfully operate their own processes on the production line. And rush to produce vehicles for Peru and Bolivia.

South American customers BUY MINIVANS and minibus not only supports our KINGSTAR but also affirms the quality of our MINIVANS. It also shows that the economic needs of the local market are also recovering.



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