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Demand for mini vans is particularly obvious in South America

In 2020, according to market demand and changes, we will vigorously promote the sales of mini vans. The demand for this model is particularly obvious in South America. Because the mini vans are not only suitable for carrying passengers, but also for pulling goods. It is the best model for both commercial and cargo.

In Bolivia, our annual sales volume has reached more than 600 units, and in Peru, it has reached more than 800 units. We have very good sales in Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and other markets. KINGSTAR mini vans enjoy a very good reputation in the local market.

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Even in the United States, our minivan is for off-road use, mainly for farms to pull goods. And it has good sales.

As a mini-car, minivan is very suitable for use in developing countries. It can be suitable for public transportation or to pull goods. The economic effect is very good. Just like we export mini vans and minibus to Madagascar, most of them are for public transportation and transportation between urban and rural areas. Exported to Central America such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and other countries, it is also mostly for public transportation. If the rear seats are removed, they can be used to pull goods. Therefore, it is very popular with consumers, and each volume of sales has steadily increased. And this is our most popular model



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