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Luxury party bus J5/J6- Luxury minibus – KINGSTAR minibus

In our export business over the years, PARTY LUXURY BUS is a very important model.

Since the Bolivian government announced its policy to stop importing used cars in 2016, we have successively started exporting various MINIBUS to the local area. There is no shortage of PARTY LUXURY BUS.

Luxury party bus

For example, our KINGSTAR J5/J6 series is PARTY LUXURY BUS.

This BUS has a novel exterior design, stylish and generous. Equipped with a 2.3L gasoline engine or 2.5L diesel engine, powerful power. Front and rear air-conditioning, leather seats, more comfortable ride, equipped with DVD and LCD, bring more entertainment to passengers. Equipped with aluminum wheels, not only the appearance is more beautiful, but also the driving is more stable and comfortable.

Luxury party bus

In Bolivia, this PARTY LUXURY BUS has operated more than 150 units. Good feedback from the market. We are committed to providing more convenient and comfortable travel services for local people. We are always seeking to localize its products. Its production and marketing better meet the special needs and requirements of customers. Taking Bolivia as an example, we introduced a special engine on this car to adapt to local fuel needs.

These buses are economical and comfortable, and they provide a great driving experience for local users.

Luxury party bus

While we continue to strengthen after-sales service. KINGSTAR also makes unremitting efforts to diversify its product line, innovate its marketing strategy and upgrade its technology. In addition, by making full use of the Internet, it has been improving its online services and providing remote diagnostic services to its customers.

In order to further strengthen its influence in the local market, we have established a long-term cooperative relationship with local distributors. We hope that customers can provide more information so that we can strengthen product quality. And also improve service quality in a targeted manner.

Luxury party bus



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