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Those Unknown But Useful Maintenance Tips From School Bus Dealer

We KINGSTAR is an auto supplier from China. We mainly export light trucks, medium-sized buses, minibuses, minivan, pickup, SUVs, passenger bus and we are also the school bus dealer.

We have sole vehicles to more than 90 countries in the past 18years. Such as Jamaica, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Peru, Iraq, South Africa, and Algeria. All our exported products have been proved to be strongly marketable in overseas markets with good quality and reasonable pricing.

School Bus is a vehicle that carries students to go to school or off from school to back home. It is quite normal in the whole world. As school bus dealers, we often read articles about tips on how to ensure school bus passenger’s safety, how about the maintenance of the school bus?

As a professional school bus dealer, today we are going to share something that really helpful for driving a school bus. To most school bus drivers, the school bus is a vehicle that can run with fuel. We have ignored the importance of maintenance, some of them even don’t know the knowledge of the maintenance. Yep, with a license you can drive, but how to maintain your car? Of course, we are not talking about how to change the engine oil or change the brake disc by yourself, we are talking about the very easy but practical items.

The maintenance works before get on the school bus

A good school bus dealer will tell you the best way to keep your bus new. We suggest drivers get into a habit of looking around the bus to see if there is enough pressure on the four wheels or if there are barriers around the bus to block the way. After starting the bus, simply check whether the operation is normal, such as lights, sound, braking, etc., This can avoid operation problems during the driving, or even chaos when there is an issue.

The preparation works when opening the hood of the school bus

In addition to this action, opening the hood also has a lot of works you can do on your own. As a professional school bus dealer, we remind you to check fluid levels once a week while the engine is not hot. For example, pull out the oil gauge to see if it is between two marks. Brake fluid, tank coolant, battery water, etc., are some safety measures that you can check yourself. School bus battery is a step that you should always pay attention to it. The water-free environmental battery is not to check the battery water stock, but we should pay attention to the status of the battery display window, generally green color represents normal, transparent or no color represents to charge as soon as possible; If is black, most school bus can’t start the engine.

As a professional school bus dealer, we could tell you that the lifetime of the school bus battery is around two years. If the changed new battery, but the electric weakened rapidly, it is probably means something wrong with the electric generator. When changing the battery, the technician will write down the installation date, this is a very good reminder for you to change your new battery next time.

Always pump air into the spare tire

Professional school bus dealers always doing professional things. Spare tire has always been ignored, one thing that you should know is that the spare tire is also will leak. So check the pressure of the spare tire sometimes. When you usually go to the gas station to pump fetal gas, you might as well use one or two minutes to pump the spare tire. The number of pounds should be two pounds more than the four running tires.

Must mention that even is a full-sized spare tire, it is only for emergency. Or when next time you need it, you will see a broken one in your trunk. How to install the spare tire? First to loosen the screw a little bit with tools, secondly use the jaw to lift the car up, then put the spare tire under the bus immediately to avoid any sudden failure, to loosen all screws at last. There is also a predetermined sequence for a tire change and screw removal. Start from the bottom one and loosen it diagonally one by one. Install it from the highest one and tighten it as well. Then put the car back on the ground and let the four wheels stick to the ground, and tighten the screws again.

The replacement of the water paddle

If you find the start of the water paddle is not smooth, hear or feel the water scraping sound, it is necessary to replace the water paddle as soon as possible. Most water paddle can be bought in car boutiques or even gas stations.

The replacement of the water paddle is quite easy, take out the old water paddle to check the right position, it can be installed easily. Most school bus manufacturers around the world use the same type of water paddle.

Why choose KINSTAR as your school bus dealer?

Speak to the point, as a school bus dealer, let’s see the model we suggest today. It is a school bus with 12~16 seats we called BG3. This is a left-hand driving bus, sure it can be made for right-hand driving with different prices. It is a high roof bus which means the space is larger than the normal one. We can also make it to a semi-high roof, this is an optional choice.

School Bus Dealer

The dimension of the school bus is 5,053 * 1,700 * 2,240mm, the wheelbase is 2,890mm. The max speed is ≥115km/h, the fuel tank capacity is 70L, and the standard seat capacity is 16 seats.

For engine parameter of this school bus, please check as below:

School Bus Dealer

The last is the chassis of the school bus:

We KINSTAR always communicate with clients with honesty and sincerity. Except for good experience in vehicle exports. We also have a very good combination of the products. One of the most important, as a school bus dealer, we also have a very good price. We are VIP distributors to the manufacturers as we have good orders from our worldwide sales network. And the most important of good after-sale service. As a school bus dealer, we have technicians and engineers professional in after-sale service. English version parts catalog is available from us. We have a prompt response for parts supply within 24 hours.



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