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KINGSTAR 2019 minivan popular type

2019 minivan
2019 minivan
2019 minivan

2019 minivan, we started exporting MINIVAN and minibus to Bolivia in 2016. Because of its high quality and reasonable price, it is widely popular in local consumers. The annual export volume reaches 500 units. Especially in 2019, the first batch of orders reached 200 units.

Because the local gasoline price in Bolivia is very cheap, most of the local cars are with gasoline engines. And our MINIVAN is all 2.3L gasoline engines, the local summer temperature is high. Therefore our vehicles are with front and rear air conditioners. And the local altitude is high, we upgrade the rear axle speed ratio to 5.125 according to the local road conditions. It is more conducive to climbing.

As this type of 2019 MINIVAN competes very fiercely in the local area, we have tried every means to improve our competitiveness. Not only in terms of price but also in terms of configuration and made many adjustments and improvements. In order to distinguish it from other brands, we additionally installed roof racks, external ladders, and exhaust pipes. They are more conducive to vehicles used for transportation between urban and rural areas.

Focusing on market demand and user needs, let us continue to pursue quality improvement and improve service quality. And making our products more competitive and better known



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