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KINGSTAR VF4 Van Mini Van Was Refitted To Ambulance To Nigeria

KINGSTAR VF4 van mini van is 7-8 seats. We can refit it to the ambulance, post, police car, and other related vehicles. 

Delivery of refitted vehicles

Recently, 20 units refitted ambulances based on KINGSTAR VF4 van mini van were packed into containers at our factory welding dock. And sent to Nigeria to help fight the Covid-19 epidemic.

Nigeria, located in the southeast of West Africa. It is the most populous country in Africa with a total population of over 200 million; and the largest economy in Africa.  Since the outbreak of Covid-19, 65,000 people have been diagnosed in Nigeria.  The re-fitted ambassadors based on the KINGSTAR VF4 van minivan were exported in batches for the first time. Which reflected our factory’s stall at the peak of the global epidemic outbreak. And its fighting spirit of actively seeking innovation and change in response to the overseas epidemic. It is also effectively verified our factory’s brand hard strength as a Chinese car enterprise.

Van Mini Van
The development of refitted vehicles

Since the beginning of this year, the automobile market has been surging. Our factory has seized the development opportunity, combined with its own advantages. Deepened its market segmentation, and made great efforts from the aspects of “specialization, precision, specialty, and innovation”.  The launch of the refitted Ambulances based on the KINGSTAR VF4 van mini van. Which is the concentrated embodiment of our factory’s changing with the times and taking advantage of the trend. And will gain batch orders from overseas markets once it is launched.  This batch of ambulances is with simple stretchers. First aid kits; oxygen cylinders; ultraviolet disinfection lamps; lockers; independent power supplies, isolation boards, and other equipment. Which are rich in configuration and high in cost performance, and can meet the basic needs of patients in transit.

Under the current epidemic situation, the domestic and international markets are intensifying changes. Our factory is actively seeking innovation and changes. And is exploring new solutions and making useful attempts in marketing mode and financial mode. Let us look forward to the early realization of our factory’s “new leap in development”.

If this kind of refitted ambulances is also suitable for your market, feel free to contact us.



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