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One of Mini Bus Companies Near Me Won Many Awards

Our factory, one of the mini bus companies near me that produces 7-11 seat minibus won many awards. Let’s take a look at it today.

The development of electric vehicles

As the only and most authoritative national competition in the field of new energy logistics vehicles in China. The New Energy Logistics Vehicle Challenge has creatively constructed an evaluation system of electric logistics vehicles. They with an extremely high professional level with their in-depth experience and professional evaluation.  It has also demonstrated vehicles’ most authentic vehicle performance in the given use scenarios for many consumers. Which has won unanimous recognition.

VF4 Cargo van from KINGSTAR

The electric VF4 cargo van from our factory is one of the mini bus companies near me. It went through a rigorous test during the three-day fierce competition.  It won many heavyweight awards in one fell swoop. Such as the best endurance gold award; the best power saving silver award, the all-around gold award, the user evaluation award, and the organizing Committee recommendation award.  It demonstrated our factory’s excellent technical strength as the vanguard of the new energy automobile industry. And became one of the most eye-catching participating manufacturers in this competition.                       

This year, New Energy Logistics Vehicle Challenge has set up many competition links. It has strict standards for the six core performances of new energy logistics vehicles: acceleration performance; braking performance, climbing performance, wading performance, power-saving ability, and endurance.  During the competition, the Electric VF4 cargo van showed extraordinary product strength. And made brilliant achievements in climbing, wading, accelerating, and braking with excellent product strength.

Mini Bus Companies Near Me

Our factory stimulates innovation, accelerates transformation, and promotes high-quality development. With the planning of our factory products and the gradual penetration of the market. It is just around the corner to overtake.

There are 7-11 seat minibus, mini truck, MPV, SUV, and Pickup from our factory. One of the mini bus companies near me.  If you are interested in any model, please contact us, we will show you more information.



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