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Nine Difference Between the Gasoline Minivan and Diesel Minivan?

What is the difference between a gasoline minivan and a diesel minivan? The great big difference between these two are they are using different fuels and engines. A lot of people think they are just the fuel difference. In fact, it is not only the fuel but also different in power, structure, and other details.

The main difference between diesel minivan and gasoline minivan

The main difference between diesel cars and gasoline cars lies in the engine. In addition to the difference of fuel, there are the following points: the ignition form is different; Compression ratio: diesel engine compression ratio is high; Material on the gasoline engine light with high torque; For power, the torque of microbuses diesel is higher, gasoline engine with better speed; Emissions: gasoline is more friendly to the environment; Economy: diesel engine with more cost-saving; Noise: gasoline engine noise is smaller; Sales volume: European and American diesel engine sales accounted for a higher proportion than domestic; Maintenance cost: Diesel car maintenance cost is low.

Today, let’s figure out the details of the difference

① Fire starting difference:

Gasoline minivan engines rely on spark plugs to ignite the compressed mixture. while diesel relies on compressed diesel mixture to reach the fuel ignition point, causing the mixture to spontaneously ignite.

② Compression ratio:

Gasoline minivan engines are ignited, diesel minivan engines are compressed. We all know this, so diesel vehicles have a higher compression ratio than gasoline minivan vehicles. In general, the diesel car compression ratio is around 15 -18, and the gasoline car is around 8 – 11. The gasoline engine compression ratio is relatively low, working more smoothly.

diesel minivan
③ Difference of material:

Due to the compression ratio of diesel minivan is higher, the material of the vehicle is made of heavier steel which is heavier. For gasoline minivan (gasoline car) is generally made of aluminum alloy, which is more compact. The vehicle is light in weight and fast in speed. Therefore, the speed of the gasoline engine is faster. Which can reach 5500r – 7000r, which the speed of the diesel minivan is generally around 4000r.

diesel minivan
④ The difference in the power:

Due to the rpm of the turbocharger is too low, the torque of the vehicle will be larger. Which is more suitable for loading heavy goods, or big cargos, it is mainly used for heavy industry machinery. Therefore, an off-road vehicle is more. For gasoline minivan vehicles, it is more suitable for transportation, to carry people, so it is more used on the sedan and sports cars.

⑤ The difference in emission:

As diesel cars with bigger noise and smell, compare with gasoline minivans, gasoline vehicles will be more friendly to the environment.

⑥ Economy difference:

Diesel minivan will be more economical and practical as the price of diesel is lower, and it can save more fuel.

⑦ Noise difference:

The gasoline engine is more light, stable, and with low noise.

⑧ The difference in selling:

In Europe and the United States, the diesel engine with more requirements than domestic. In China, people love gasoline than diesel.

⑨ The cost of maintenance:

Due to the structure of the diesel vehicles, the malfunction rate is relatively low.

Which one do you prefer to have when you buying a minibus? 



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