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These awesome reasons of 16 seater bus for sale

More and more vehicles had been launched nowadays. But which one is the best? Which one is the most comfortable? Which one is the best brand? Which one costs less but with high practical? Today we are going to introduce you to the 16 seater bus for sale.

16 seater bus for sale

1. Which is the best vehicle for you?

They’re always having a better vehicle than you reached, so the best one does not exist, I think which one is the most suitable one for you, that may be the best for you. Because everyone has a different feeling about comfortable, and more people tend to more comfortable driving or seating. For example, some pursue a strong engine and etc, everyone got his own reason. We have so many famous and unknown brands in the world, but which one is affordable? Which one is the most suitable for a family or for a company or for a sports team? You may have the answer in your heart. Which one has a good performance on cost and also for driving? I may have a suggestion for you. Therefore, today I am going to show you a model that with the above-mentioned reasons.

16 seater bus for sale

2. Model Introduction of Y6 16 Seater Bus For Sale.

Our model Y6 minibus is a good choice for your consideration. Below our bright spots of this 16 seater bus for sale:

① Firstly, the world-renowned Austrian ECS company provides this minivan with the whole system optimization review and adjustment. Including transmission, steering, suspension, braking and etc. 

② Secondly, monocoque-body with a world-class electrophoresis production line, we can ensure this minivan skeleton works for 10 years without rust.

③ Finally, Safety and performance testing under extreme conditions prove that this minivan can ensure reliability, including hot region, plateau, and cold region.

3. What kind of exterior do you expect for a 16 seater bus for sale?

The dimension of the Y6 minibus is 5915*2040*2632mm (high roof) which means the space inside the car is bigger than normal, the wheelbase is 3665mm, the seating capacity is 14 seats (1+3+3+3+4, without a side sliding door) which are our standard seater, 16 seater bus for sale is an optional choice, we may adjust the seating capacity depends on client’s requirements.

4. What is the specification we offered for this 16 seater bus for sale?

The engine of the Y6 minibus is ‘RA428 2.8T (VM technology). And the gearbox is 6-speed manual transmission, the brake is front/back disc brake, ABS+EBD. Also, We have two fuel types for this Y6 minibus, gasoline, and diesel. The emission for this vehicle is Euro IV for gasoline and Euro V for diesel. For more detailed information, please refers to below:

spec of 16 seater bus for sale

5. The Features of Exterior and Interior of Y6 minibus.

We have 6 directions adjustable driver seats for this Y6 minibus, and the standard seats are imitation leather seats (3-point seat belt). While, seat material, it is an optional choice, you may customize your favorite one. Below detailed feature for the exterior and interior of the Y6 minibus for your reference:

6. The Safety Equipment of Exterior and Interior of Y6 16 seater bus for sale.

No doubt that safety is the most important thing for driving a car. Our Y6 minibus is an anti-theft vehicle, with a driver airbag, reverse radar, and a fire extinguisher on it. For more detailed information please refers to below:

7. The Comfort and Convenience Function of Y6 minibus:

How important of comfort and convenience does a vehicle need? Definitely, it is quite important for everyone. Especially for long-distance driving. Let’s check out what the Y6 minibus has. Y6 minibus with MP3+Radio, Electric rearview mirror with heating and turn signal, multifunction steering wheel, 10kw front & rear air conditioning would keep you always cool in hot weather. 2pcs folding remote control key that you never worried about missing. For more details please refer to below:

8. The Optional Equipment of Y6 16 seater bus for sale

Some of the preferred function is not found on 16 seater bus for sale standard sheet? Come and have a look at the optional equipment, you’ll find your choice finally. For example, you do not want so many seats as a 16 seater bus for sale, you may choose from 7-16 seaters as want. For a co-driver seat, you may choose a single or double seat. Co-driver airbag, most of our clients will choose this function also. For more needs please refers to the below chart.

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