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The negative pressure ambulance from our vehicle manufacturer rushed to the Xiamen epidemic area

Our vehicle manufacturer can refit 11-16 seats minibus to the different ambulance.  On September 20, our factory delivered 10 units of negative pressure ambulance to Xiamen Medical Emergency Center urgently to assist the Xiamen epidemic area.

1. Five million people are one man, guarding the city.

For Xiamen’s sake, everyone responded to the government’s call, abandoned the gathering, and consciously stayed at home. Medical staff, community/street workers, and volunteers stick to their posts under the scorching sun and high temperature and fight in the front line of anti-epidemic. Citizens and friends line up in an orderly manner against the scorching sun to carry out nucleic acids for all staff.

Five million people are one man, guarding the city. The medical staff fighting in the front line are guarding us in the city. And can protect their protective materials, must be in place quickly.

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2. This is a race against time for our vehicle manufacturer.

Because of the epidemic prevention and control, Xiamen and Zhangzhou have carried out sealing and control management. Upon receipt of the notice, our vehicle manufacturer coordinated in many ways to allocate vehicles from Longchi production base and Longhai production base in Zhangzhou, and all front-line staff gave up the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday and returned to their posts urgently, debugging and testing all delivered vehicles, and handling temporary licensing and insurance for ambulances within one day. At 23: 00 on the 20th, our vehicle manufacturer handed over all the negative pressure ambulances to Xiamen Medical Emergency Center, and they went to the epidemic area to help the frontline of anti-epidemic and support the medical staff.

On this special Mid-Autumn Festival, we saw citizens and friends sweating profusely saying “thank you” to each other. We saw many citizens wear red vests and join the ranks of volunteers. We saw medical staff from all over the province rushing to Xiamen one after another … This Mid-Autumn Festival was a reunion, although there was no gathering because our hearts were together!

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