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The Introduction of KINGSTAR BD6 15 to 16 seater minibus for sale

As you know, a proper mobile phone could make us happy during the communication. Also for a 15 to 16 seater minibus for sale, we may enjoy our driving and feel tireless when having a comfortable driving. not only enhance the service life but also reduce our trouble in the process of use. Of course, we should choose a proper 15 to 16 seater minibus for sale.

16 seater minibus for sale

KINGSTAR BD6 15-16 seats minibus (LHD) is a super alternative minibus for your choice, below our basic information for your reference:

Seat adjustable range: 15-16 seats; seating capacity (persons): 16 (2+4+3+3+4);

The driving mode is LHD; 5490meter length, gearbox type is a 5-speed manual. For more detailed information of the minibus will be present as below parameters.

1. History of 15 to 16 seater minibus for sale

In the year 1827, the owner of a bathroom in Paris, the French Republic, used minibus to transport customers. The first “minibus” were long boxes and were drawn by horses. In the year 1831, Walter Hancock, an Englishman, built a motorized bus. It is the first minibus in the world. With a steam-powered engine, contain 10-passenger minibus was called “Baby” and it starting trialed between London and Trafford.

After that, gasoline engine instead of the steam-powered engine. Mercedes-Benz in Germany is the first company to produce gasoline engine buses. While the long-distance bus was originated in the United States. During the years 1910 to 1925, United States opened a lot of long-distance bus routines to connect those without a training area. The minibus is derived from BUS which is another calling for a bus. In China, especially in Hong Kong and Macao and some coastal cities, 15 to 16 seater minibus for sale often called “bus”. Most cities call bus as so.

2. Brief Introduction

BD6 15 to 16 seater minibus for sale is a minibus with 15-16 seats. It is well known as the best business vehicle for company or airport shuttle bus.  Today we are going to show you our model called BD6

The exterior of the minibus with beautiful lines, it is quite tough and strong which with aluminum wheels, 1 sliding passenger door, and 4 sliding side windows for passengers.

3. Applications of BD6 15 to 16 seater minibus for sale

There are various areas of application of 15-16 seat minibus. For example, it can be used for business company or transit purposes. Such as airport shuttle bus, party bus, tour bus, sports team and etc. BD6 15 to 16 seater bus for sale is a medium-size bus which could contain more people compares to a 9 seat minibus. It is convenient to contain small group people and can save great energy compare with big buses.

4. BD6 15 to 16 seater minibus for sale Production Process Introduction

  We have four steps for processing the production of BD6 15 to 16 seater minibus for sale:

a, Stamping Process

b, Welding Process

c, Painting Process

d, Assembly all spare parts.

5. The Specification of BD6 15 to 16 seater bus for sale:

Model: BD6

Driving mode: LHD

Dimension: 5490*1885*2285 mm

Wheel base: 3110 mm

Curb vehicle weight: 2150kg

Gross vehicle weight: 3190kg

Seating capacity (passengers): 16 (2+4+3+3+4)

Gearbox type: 5 speed manual

Steering: Pinion-and-rack type, power assisted.

For more detailed specification, please kindly refers to below:

6. The Configurations of BD6 15 to 16 seater minibus for sale

We have 25 standard configurations for this BD6. DVD+MP5 and 15” LCD would be a bright spot, as passengers may have a release time with music and video on the minibus. Safety would definitely be one of the most important functions for a minibus. We have an ABS+EBD brake system for this minibus. ABS +EBD brake system, Front & Rear fog lights, High-mount stop lamp, 3-point safety belts for driver and co-driver, 2-point safety belts for all passengers to keep them safe during the driving. A roof-mounted emergency escape window with glass, escape hammer (2pcs) and dual condenser would be an optional choice for you. And we also have another optional choice and standard configurations for your choice, details please refer to below:

We make every attempt to ensure that the most current price is displayed. While technology does not always keep up, please contact us for final pricing.

+ Firstly, suitable for close-up rendering;
+ Secondly, all objects are intelligently separated and named;
+ Thirdly, all materials are correctly named;
+ Finally, you can easily change or apply new materials, color, etc;

Kindly reminder us, we attempt our best to present a good product with good functions for you, during the update and display minibus period, page parameters may be different from the real vehicle, kindly send us your inquiry, and we will update the latest information and price for your consideration.

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