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Mini-bus booking in KINGSTAR makes your sales easy and successful

KINGSTAR has various minibus models for meeting different customers’ requirements.  If you plan to have mini-bus booking, here in KINGSTAR, sure you will get your ideal minibus.

With more than 18years experience in auto exportation, KINGSTAR is a reliable company you can trust. From our various vehicle models to our professional staff, you could get a suitable minibus model at a reasonable price from our KINGSTAR mini-bus booking website. We don’t just sell the vehicles; we provide after-sales service also. OEM versions of vehicles are available also. There is always one model which could well meet your demand when you plan to have mini-bus booking.

Our KINGSTAR mini-bus.com.cn gives helpful advice on purchasing a minibus. For mini-bus booking with KINGSTAR, you could browse our website pages:

1. Having a mini-bus booking with 7 + 1 seats?

a. The VF4 minibus has a total of 8 seats.
b. The VF4 minibus has two form of the 2nd row seats:

One is the form of 2 conjoined seats + 1 folding seat; another form is 2 spilled seats. For the first form of 2nd-row seats, one folding seat next to the passenger bench seat is less comfortable for one person, but all other seats have an adjustable backrest. For the 2nd form of seats, total will be 7 seats for the minibus, but all seat space is large enough and comfortable with an adjustable backrest.

c. The VF4 minibus has air conditioning at the front and rear.

d. Even as a small minibus, it contains various intelligent equipment, such as the 8inch screen displayer, which makes the traveling much more relaxed.

e. Side step making it is easier to get in and out.
f. The external dimensions of the VF4 is 4.071m long, 1.677m wide and 1.902 m high.
g. The average fuel consumption is only 6L/100km, economic for fuel consumption.
Mini-bus booking

When having this small mini-bus booking, could make good business for people transportable in a short distance; also it is good for the cargo loading, with small investment but brings maximum profit for the business.

2. Looking for a minibus with 14 + 1 seats?

Please visit our page for mini-bus booking of J6 model. 

  • The J6 15-seater bus is ideally suited as a shuttle for commuting.
  • The sliding side door and the double-wing rear door allow easy entry and exit.
  • It is 5.99m long, 1.88m wide and 2.285m high.
  • This model minibus could be with 20 seats as maximum.
  • 14 seater J6 minibus comes with a diesel engine and gasoline engine for selection.
Mini-bus booking

Anyone who regularly transports people will appreciate a 14-seater minibus! Its car-like driving characteristics ensure confident and precise handling.

3. Planning to get a mini-bus  with 16 + 1 seats?

  •  Please click on our 12 seat minibus sales or 17 seat minibus sales pages for model Y6 mini-bus booking.
  • The Y6 minibus is designed to provide the highest level of comfort for the passengers.
  • With a capacity of 13 to 16 passengers plus a driver, it meets every passenger’s need thanks to its equipment. Luxury and comfortable all could be available in this minibus.
  • It is 5.915m long, 2.04m wide and 2.632m high.
  • All seats have an integrated headrest, seat belt, and foldable armrest.
  • Because the Y6 Minibus has strong chassis origin from Benz, the minibus is durable and has a good reputation.

4. Prefer to getting a minibus with 22 + 1 seats?

Our Y7 minibus will be well meeting your demand. The Y7 minibus is origin from the Y6 model but bigger in size. Please view our mini-bus booking website page for the Y7 model:

  • It has a capacity of up to 22 occupants plus driver and plus co-pilot and, thanks to its equipment and comfort, meets every passenger need.
  • The Y7 Minibus combines sophisticated equipment with leather seats, additional heating, cruise control, navigation, and reversing camera.
  • An automatically opening side door with an extendable boarding aid makes it easier to get in and out.
  • The vehicle is 7.49 m long, 2.00 m wide and 2.875m high.
  • The electric front swing door and back double wing rear door make boarding very convenient. Height-adjustable armrests, a 19-inch monitor, and a CD & DVD player ensure relaxed driving and travel enjoyment in the minibus.
  • When taking luggage with you, we recommend removing the rear seats. A retractable automatic door sill makes it easier to get in and out through the large side door.
Mini-bus booking
Mini-bus booking

KINGSTAR can fit the minibus to suit your needs and offer many sizes in minibusses from 4 meters minibus to 14 meters bus, with seating capacity from 7 seats to 62 seats, we have all of your transportation needs covered here in our mini-bus booking website.

Mini-bus booking

Our quality service for mini-bus booking is designed to help you get suitable minibuses for meeting market demand.

To place the order with us, you could be rest assured that:

  • Our lowest price ensures that you are getting the largest profit by inputting the lowest cost.
  • We provide suitable packing way and loading way with the lowest expense. In container loading or by RO-RO vessel shipment will be made according to the sea freight condition.
  • Our staff is always available 24/7 to ensure that you get the right service at the right time for you.  

For mini-bus booking, please contact us now without hesitate. Our mini-bus booking website www.mini-bus.com.cn.



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