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Let’s show our KINGSTAR VF4 7-8 seats mini buses price list to you

Our KINGSTAR VF4 7-8 seats minibus is hot sale, such as Peru, Bolivia, Nigeria and so on, annual sales are over 2000 units.  Do you want to know more and the mini buses price list?

mini buses price list

Firstly, let’s see our production lines.

1. Stamping

The stamping line adopts the advanced system of ABB, with KBS (Dual robot rail system).  The first press in the punch line uses the system of DDC (dynamic driving chain).

2. Welding

Body line: SKID circulate delivery system

Welding line: ABB Robot

3. Painting

Pretreatment electrophoresis: Swing rod chain

Drying furnace: U drying chamber

Spray paint system: Spraying robot by FANUC’s

mini buses price list

4. Assembly

Trim line: FDS delivery system

Chassis line: FDS air friction delivery technology.

Detection line: Baoke system from USA

Secondly, what are the advantages of our KINGSTAR VF4 7-8 seats mini bus?

  1. High quality

• 62 German quality control systems

• 100.000 km road durability test • Tough test on the Mercedes-Benz (V class) testing grounds

  • High safety

• Constructed by a highly stiff FQTS car body and strengthened steel. • Highly rigid structure and unique design of the front door with two anti-crash steel beams,

which ensure passengers safety

3. High efficiency engine

1.25 L VVT engine

high performance and low fuel-consumption.

6.7L/100KM fuel consumption

67 KW super power

Technology is sourced from SUZUKI

4.Highly strengthened chassis

Strengthened per German standards, improving safety and stability. • Strengthened structure generates a strong chassis. Maximum load capacity 690KG

mini buses price list

5.NCAP test passed

So, what’s our KINGSTAR VF4 7-8 seat minibus price?  Please check the following mini buses price list for your reference, FOB prices are based on standard equipment.

mini buses price list

Note: ■= Standard;  □= Optional;  -= Not available

How do you think our mini buses price list?  Feel free to contact with us if any question. Click to see the status of China Mini-bus for sale to the countryside and trade-in.



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