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The term “bus to school” refers to a passenger vehicle with more than seven seats. It is licensed in accordance with the “Regulations on the Administration of the bus to school Safety”. And it is used to pick up and send students receiving compulsory education to and from school. The school bus for primary school students should be designed and manufactured in accordance with the national standards for primary school students.

bus to school

China State Council Office of Work Safety Commission in the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Road Traffic Safety” emphasized as below. To establish and improve the bus safety management laws and regulations and safety management system. And to clear the right of way for school buses, strengthen bus supervision, to ensure bus safety. It also stipulates that school buses must be with satellite positioning and speed limits. In March 2012, the Chinese school bus new national standard implementation, on and off the car swipe card, parents can receive text messages.

On December 1, 2017, the “Code for English Translation and Writing of Public Service Fields” was officially implemented. It is stipulating that the place of origin should have a new name Bus or Shuttle Bus in English.

bus to school

History of the bus to school:

Long before cars appear, there were horse-drawn school buses in the United States. The first company to produce school buses, called Wayne Works, has been producing wagons for 25 children since at least 1837. It is especially for transporting students.

After the invention of the automobile, Wayne Works installed the carriage on the chassis of the automobile in 1914. Therefore, it inventing the school minibus powered by power. Around 1927, Wayne Works and another school minibus manufacturer, the Blue Bird Body Company, began producing all-metal school buses.

bus to school

The bus to school sign

The traffic control department will also tighten the school bus driver qualification permit and management system. Moreover, it establishes the school bus driver annual examination, joint supervision, and withdrawal mechanism. In addition, in the future, where the minibus to scrap the standard, large buses and so on should be in the supervision of the vehicle administration of all over the disintegration. And put an end to scrap vehicles back to society, causing traffic safety risks.

The expiry date of the school minibus sign is no more than six months. If there is any change in the route, time, stop or vehicle, owner or driver of the school bus, the school or the school bus service provider shall get the school bus badge again in accordance with the regulations on the issuance of bus tags after the approval of the people’s government at the county level or the city divided into districts where it is located.

The bus shall carry out a safety technical inspection every six months after obtaining the minibus badge. The first half month of each semester is the minibus safety technical inspection time. The minibus owner should first go to the motor vehicle safety technical inspection institution for motor vehicle inspection. And with the motor vehicle safety technical inspection report to the key vehicle management agency for the bus use permit application.

The school bus operation

Introduction to the School minibus operation demonstration area is the Ministry of Education on August 26, 2011. The first to carry out the school bus operation management pilot work in six areas. It is including Zhejiang Province, Huzhou City Deqing County, Shandong Province Weihai, and Binzhou City Wudi County, Liaoning Province, Benxi City Huanren County, Heilongjiang Province Jixi City, and Shaanxi Province Xi ‘a Yanliang District.


The Ministry of Education asked all pilot areas to take measures in line with local conditions. And to take into account local economic and social development and the basis of mini bus work. Moreover, to put forward a feasible overall plan and specific implementation plan for the pilot work.

To strengthen organizational leadership, into the agenda of the government important will pilot work. It establishes and improves the leadership mechanism, perfects the government leading, public security, transportation, education, workplace safety, finance, and other departments on the working mechanism of close cooperation. And should further clarify the bus purchase, safety supervision, operation management, students’ education, and so on.

Including each link of the division of duties. To implement the pilot funds, increase the financial funds for the pilot work, the purchase of school buses, operation and maintenance, and other costs included in the local fiscal budget. This is to ensure that the funds in time and in full. And also is to ensure the smooth progress of the pilot work. It is necessary to increase publicity efforts, carry out various forms, solid and effective publicity activities. Moreover to increase a good public opinion environment for the smooth development of the pilot work.



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