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Would you like to know KINGSTAR C9 34 seats city bus prices?

Would you like to know city bus prices? The origin of public transportation can be traced back to at least 1826. A military officer set up a flour mill on the outskirts of Nantes, northwest France at that time. It was hot water discharged from steam engines that were using for bathing to build a public bathing place. And there was a wagon service connecting the city center.  When he found that people along the way could use his coach, he opened a bus route between hotels to let passengers and mail use freely along the way.

Paris is the leading city for buses, followed by London.   The British bus George Shillibeer appeared on the streets of London on July 4th, 1829, and went back and forth between Paddington and the banking area along the newly-built New Road, and stopped at Yorkshire Stingo, Yorkshire, with four trips in every direction every day.  In less than ten years, this service was popular in France, Britain, and major cities on the east coast of the United States. Such as Paris, Lyon, London, and New York.

Bus has a great impact on society and plays a fundamental role in promoting urban development. 

Buses make citizens feel closer to each other than ever before. It the distance and frequent exchanges between cities and neighboring villages and towns.

city bus prices

In the 19th century, buses were driven by horses.  The road at that time limited the comfort of buses.  The invention of the tram made the bus meet the first enemy. Since it came out because the bus walked on the uneven stone road, but the tram ran on the smooth track.

city bus prices

At the beginning of the 20th century, the experiment of motor traffic was successful.  Due to environmental protection reasons, electric buses have gradually replaced diesel buses.  By 2020, some buses will still be powered by diesel engines.

city bus prices

We have different types with reasonable city bus prices and would like to recommend KINGSTAR C9 34 seats 4.1L 125KW diesel city bus to you first.

It is a front-engine which dedicates to markets of community and passenger transit.  The high-strength structure and energy-saving technology can realize the requirements of safety and energy efficiency.  Shape design has the advantages of streamline and wedge shape.  Mostly, it has a high performance of great adaptation to different road conditions.

How much for the city bus prices?  Unit price under standard equipment on FOB Chinese port is USD44,320/unit.

Here is standard equipment for your reference.

If you would like to know more about this type or other model about city bus prices, please contact us at minibus_info@kingstar.com.cn.  Thanks.



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