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Why Auto Suppliers 2020 Hybrid Minivan Is in Huge Demand in the Egypt Market

2020 HYBRID MINIVAN, since China implemented the reform policy. China’s auto industry has begun to introduce foreign capital and technology to integrate the needs of the Chinese market. Resulting in a number of Sino-foreign joint ventures and cooperation of 2020 HYBRID MINIVAN.

2020 hybrid minivan

In particular, the 2020 hybrid minivan, which integrates the Japanese series, is very popular in China and overseas.

2020 hybrid minivan

Beginning in 2021, the overseas export of Chinese buses has ushered in large orders! Our factory finished the production of 1220 units of hybrid minivans, and they will ship to Egypt after the year.

These 1220 HYBRID MINIVAN s exported to Egypt are all classic Sea Lion models. This batch will export to the overseas markets smoothly, which fully reflects the strong strength of Jinlu.

Impact of epidemic

At present, the global situation of the new crown epidemic is still not optimistic. And the domestic epidemic situation has repeated since the beginning of winter. Faced with the severe market situation at home and abroad. We focused to promote the production and sales of domestic and foreign vehicle orders.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the global supply chain is disordered. And there is huge uncertainty in the deployment of batches of parts. To ensure the timely delivery of Egyptian orders, our procurement center communicated with various parties and dispatched the parts smoothly. The batch of orders has been successfully put into production in the near future. In addition to the difficulty in the deployment of accessories, shipping and delivery also face similar difficulties. According to feedback from shipping companies; some of its ro-ro ships were forced to suspend voyages due to prevention and control requirements. Resulting in insufficient shipping capacity and unable to deploy suitable ships for such large-volume shipments. Our Egyptian distributors have conducted several rounds of negotiations with shipping companies. And finally decided to arrange the shipment of ships after the Chinese New Year.

In the Egyptian light vehicle market, HYBRID MINIVAN has become the mainstream of the market. In 2020, due to the adverse effects of the epidemic. Our overseas sales company worked with Egyptian dealers to overcome all difficulties. And exported a total of 4,382 hybrid minivans to Egypt. Setting the best result of domestic passenger cars exporting to the Egyptian market in 2020.

The reason why our hybrid minivan is becoming more and more popular with Egyptians? It is mainly due to two factors, one is quality, and the other is after-sales service.

In the design development and manufacturing, continuous improvement and improvement in accordance with the needs of the Egyptian market. Including the stability of the chassis; the selection of the engine; the number; structure, and strength of the seats, and even the quality of the body paint, which have all been optimized. Make it in line with local characteristics and requirements.

In terms of after-sales service, we set up 4S stores and parts warehouses in Egypt. With sales outlets from Alexandria in the north and Aswan in the south. It can be said that our sales and after-sales outlets are spread throughout the Nile River basin. Good after-sales service has made HYBRID MINIVAN more and more repeat customers. The performance of product quality and safety and after-sales service has been highly recognized by Egyptian customers. Not only in Egypt but also in North Africa, East Africa, West Africa, and the Middle East countries. We have a very good brand image, demonstrating the strength and responsibility of Chinese buses.

2020 is a year of deep global change.

The epidemic has impacted the economic structure of countries around the world. Except for China’s GDP growth, the GDP of the other major economies has experienced varying degrees of decline. Entering the new year 2021, it is the long-cherished wish of all mankind to get rid of the epidemic situation and achieve economic recovery. But, for now, the international environment is still complicated and the world economic recovery is also full of uncertainties.

In the face of such a severe international economic situation. Our coach has a good start for the Year of the Ox, undoubtedly marking a good start for 2021. In the new year, we will continue to consolidate the current overseas core basic market. Strengthen product quality improvement, increase after-sales service, scientifically control financial risks, prevent risks before they occur, and at the same time strengthen team building, all-round and multi-channel Introduce overseas sales and after-sales service personnel, go all out to compete for orders from overseas markets, and make new contributions to China’s economic development.

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