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The Predictable Trend of Electric Bus For Sale from Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

Where you can find a good electric bus for sale? In China, recently, the Electric bus is developed very fast. Many of the new modes of the electric bus are coming up in the China market.

1. Government in China strongly support electric bus

The official notification from the Ministry of Communications recently in China. Till the end of the year 2020, fuel buses will be replaced by electric buses in our main area municipality and capital cities.

Electric Bus For Sale

According to the above description, future buses will be fully covered by electric buses. In meantime, a lot of fuel buses will be eliminated, the market capacity of new energy buses is expected to exceed one million. No doubt, this will be a great boon for the new energy industry.

2. Electric bus fully covered in big cities in China

Till the end of the year 2018, Shenzhen realized fully covered electric buses already. It plays a very important role in purifying the air for this city. On the other hand, also saved energy consumption. In the past, the carbon dioxide emission of a fuel bus is around 26 tons a year, it can be reduced by 60% per year. Calculated as 70,000 kilometers per bus, the emission has a great improvement, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide emissions are also reduced a lot.

Electric Bus For Sale

In meantime, bus companies use dispatch to improve operational efficiency. The bus will be charged at night, which takes around one and a half hours for each electric bus. During the daytime, the bus is charged during the driver’s rest time, so that the average mileage of 200 kilometers can be completed in a day. While ensuring normal operation, the electrification of buses has also significantly reduced operating costs.

In the past, it will run dozens of liters of oil a day, and diesel cost more than RMB 6 per liter. But now, it’s about 200 kilometers a day, and 100 kilometers requires 90-kilowatt hours of electricity. The electric fee is much cheaper than diesel, it will cost down more than 60% of the cost.

3. Great benefit of electric bus

Firstly, is the introduction of the industry encouragement policy documents. By the replacement of electric vehicles, actually increased the implementation of distribution of operation indicators.

Secondly, it is also mobilized the enthusiasm of the industry, including the enthusiasm of enterprises and drivers.

At the same time, the financial also gave very large support.

In fact, Beijing, Hangzhou, Sanya, and other cities have already announced the demands of electric bus proportion in recent years. But on a national scale, only Taiyuan city realized fully covered by electric buses.

4. Why we support new energy vehicle?

4.1 Energy Structure

As the world’s second-largest oil and gas consumer, 70% of the oil in China depends on imports. Any obstruction of the import passage will have a profound impact. Which will lead to a sharp rise in domestic oil prices, followed by a sharp rise in prices also. So we need to lower the depends on petroleum, the main method is to increase revenue and reduce spending.

4.2 Automobile industry development:

China’s auto industry has made great progress. The production and sales volume have ranked first in the world for a year. Chinese brand cars also occupy the largest market share. But unfortunately, the main core technology is not in Chinese manufacturers.

Chinese enterprises do not have an advantage in the core technologies of engines, transmissions, and ECUs of fuel cars. In another word, if you replace these parts with batteries, motors, and electronic control systems, it will make a great difference. Thanks to the efforts of Chinese enterprises in the electronic and electrical industries, we have made good achievements in battery, motor, and electronic control technology.     

4.3 Environmental protection

From the point of view of energy consumption, the consumption of energy of electric buses is not so low, but surely lower than fuel vehicles. All-electric buses could be realized brake energy recovery. While fuel vehicles can’t. It is must be worthy of recognition that electric buses realized zero-emission. This will be very helpful for the city’s environmental protection department.

5. Where can you find electric bus for sale?

After a so long conversation about the advantages of an electric bus, I believe you will have your consideration about this also. You may also wonder where you can find the electric bus for sale.

We have several electric buses for sale for overseas market. Today I am going to introduce one of our most popular electric buses for you.

This electric bus for sale we have two models, one is Y6 5.9m and another one is Y7 7.5m. Below is our standard specification, for more detailed information and prices, you may contact us.  

5.1 The specification of Y6 electric bus for sale

This is a 7-15 seats (including driver seat) electric bus, the dimension of the bus is 5915*2040*2632mm (high roof), wheelbase is 365mm;

Drive motor model: Lvkon

Max speed(km/h): 100

Driving Mileage (km): 300

Max power (kW): 120

Max torque (N*m): 850

Battery type: lithium iron phosphate

Battery capacity (kWh): 107.6 kWh

Tire: 215/75R 16LT

Brake system: Front & rear disc brake

Front suspension: Front Macpherson independent

Rear suspension: Rear leaf spring suspension

5.2 The specification of Y7 electric bus for sale

Different from model Y6, this is a 20 seats electric bus, which is more suitable for bigger group of passengers. The dimension of the bus is 7490*2000*2875mm (high roof), wheelbase is 4,325mm. 

Drive motor model: Prestolite

Max speed(km/h): 100

Driving Mileage (km): 280

Max power (kW): 150

Max torque (N*m): 1200

Battery type: KeyPower

Battery capacity (kWh): 107.6 KWH

Tire: 205/75R17.5

Brake system: Front disc & rear drum brake, ABS+EBD

Front suspension: Front Macpherson independent

Rear suspension: Rear leaf spring suspension

These two electric buses for sale models are with standard painting, metal paint will be an optional choice. For more detailed information (standard and optional) of exterior and interior, safety equipment, comfort, and convenience, please feel free to send us your inquiry, we will get back to you within 24 hours.



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