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What the status and notifications for you to buy mini-bus from China

You can see microbuses on the street everywhere now, especially for large families, car rental companies, bus stations, airports, etc.

Minibus defines those who can load a bus from 9 to 24 passengers, the bus that circulates in urban areas is the auxiliary minibus of the large bus, with a small but frequent route.

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As everyone knows, China has become the world’s largest automobile production and sales country. With the rapid growth of marketing, Chinese auto companies have made rapid improvements. It could be inferred from the reputation of sales and products.

1. Kinds of vehicles exported to different countries

There are many countries that buy minibuses from China. There are mainly four types of cars that are exported to overseas marketing, SUVs/MPVs, trucks, and buses (including minibuses and minivans). Among them, the volume of passenger cars (SUV / MPV) is the largest, followed by trucks. SUVs have become popular in recent years, and the export volume has also increased. And now the export volume of SUVs has reached trucks.

Where are these cars exported to? We are taking the example of January to August 2017.

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The push of “One Belt One Road” policy has to lead car consumption in West Asian countries. Iran is the fastest growing country today, exporting 152,932 vehicles in 2017. Chile is our biggest customer in South America, exporting 25,941 vehicles in 2017. Mexico even imported more Chinese cars than the United States with a unit of 20,220.

a. SUV mainly exported to Bangladesh, India and the United States market

Bangladesh as a country in South Asia, also affected by China’s One Belt and One Road policy, the growth speed is quite fast, this year has consumed 37,319 SUV models. As a second-generation emerging market, India is also highly valued by Chinese auto companies. The number of imported SUVs reached 30,757 units this year; If you think that Chinese cars can only be exported to developing countries, you are wrong. Because the level of domestic car manufacturing is improving, joint venture reselling is not a new thing now. Some companies began to resell their products to South Korea and the United States and other markets, the United States imported 19,961 units of Chinese-made SUVs.

b, Trucks mainly exported to Vietnam, Burma and the Philippines.

Obviously, East and South Asian countries are the main consuming countries for Chinese trucks. Exported to Vietnam 29,370 units, exported to Burma 10,871 units, exported to Philippines 9,930 units.

c, Bus (Including the minibus purchased from China) mainly exported to Bolivia, Vietnam and Peru.

Bolivia and Vietnam are countries in South America. The export volume to Bolivia is 4,743 units, Vietnam is 4,142 units and Peru is 2,758 units.

The above exported data comes from CPCA, which refers to all types of cars (including minibus).

There are more than 145 car manufacturers in China, the number of cars was born from these companies. How is the production process of the minibus? Before buying a minibus, you may need to know the structure, specifications and features of the minibus you are buying.

2. What should you focus on when buying a minibus?

Today we are taking the example of buying a minibus from KINGSTAR, this model is quite popular in our South American market as it is not only a minibus but also a minivan. The production process of the Mini-bus purchased from KINGSTAR consists of four steps: stamping, welding, painting and assembly. 

a, The dimension of VW5 11 seats minibus purchased from KINGSTAR.

We have two functions of this minibus, one function is as a minibus to load passengers, the seating capacity of this minibus is 11 seats, another great function is to load the cargo big enough as you like, you can regard this mini-bus as mini -go. Below is the dimension for your reference.

b. The seat capacity of the VW5 minibus purchased from KINGSTAR

We have different seating capacities for this model. If your purpose is to load more passengers, the maximum seat could be 11 seats, if you want to load more cargo or big cargo, you can change the bus seat to cargo van. Below our seat design for your reference, you can choose it according to your actual needs.

c, The safety of VW5 minibus purchased from KINGSTAR

It is a minibus with anti-lock braking system. As its name suggests, ABS prevents the car’s wheels from locking when the car brakes suddenly in certain situations. Simply put, a car that has been equipped with ABS can still avoid the barrier when braking suddenly. However, if you don’t have the ABS system, the car’s wheels will be locked by a sudden brake and collisions are inevitable. ABS consists of three main components, the speed sensor in each wheel, a hydraulic system valve that leads to each master cylinder to return hydraulic brake pressure controlled by a computer, and a control module.

In addition to ABS, there is also EBD, which stands for Electronic Brake-force Distribution. It is responsible for distributing the braking power to all the wheels of the car. The EBD system is still related to ABS, where the former uses the latter to adjust all-wheel braking as needed. The EBD will automatically adjust the braking at each wheel and make sure the front and rear wheels are unlocked. With EBD, rear braking is more optimal depending on the weight of the vehicle itself. EBD can also increase the vehicle’s traction while on the road.

d, The engine used in this VW5 minibus purchased from KINGSTAR is LJ4C15Q, the fuel type is gasoline, the displacement is 1.5L, and the emission standard is Euro V, which meets the standard of most countries.

Of course, except for the important points mentioned above, there are other features that you should pay attention to when buying a minibus. For those parameters that you did not see in this article, please send me your inquiry at any time of your free time, we will contact you as soon as possible.



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