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Who will purchase those luxury vehicles? What Kind of Person Will Buy Luxury Coaches for Sale?

China’s high net worth population have begun to shed or at least intend to shed the label of “local rich” in pursuit of positive social identity and a deeper level of happiness

The Hurun Research Institute, which has long studied the behavior of China’s wealthy people, recently released a “White Paper on the Characteristics of Luxury Car Brands in China” (Simply called white paper in next article) to present the image of the new generation of luxury car owners.  Although only more than 2,000 Chinese and foreign car owners were surveyed, some clues can still be found  

The invested brands are 9 famous brands such A brand and P brand, etc.

1. Young and highly educated

How important are young people to luxury brands?  According to the data from white paper, the average age of luxury car owners in China is only 33.1 years old. And the majority of car buyers are gradually shifting from those born in the 1980s to those born after year 1985.

Compares other civilian brands, luxury car owners are more loyal and have a higher rate of repeat purchases. As China’s car market slows and new players enter the market, competition is becoming more and more fiercer. To win the affection of young people, they are doing everything they can do. Launch entry-level cars, use more trendy design elements, sponsor the popular variety shows and send advertisements on WeChat.

The biggest difference between China and Europe is the education degree of high-end car owners. In China, 97.6% of car owners have a bachelor’s degree or above.  Among European car owners, the proportion is only 67.7%; 

“The cost of human resources in Europe is much higher than in China, there is a high level of equality between professions. And the income gap between highly educated and non-highly educated is smaller.  In China, the cost of human resources is more closely related to education, and people with higher education are more likely to earn higher incomes, so the higher education makes up a larger proportion of high-end car owners.”  Hurun Research Institute indicated in the report.

2. The nouveau riche and the new rich

With more choices, domestic car consumers become more rational than the past.  However, there is still a big difference in the consumption of high-end cars between Chinese and European consumers. European car owners are more sensitive to price factors, the proportion of 44% which much higher than the 17% in China. Domestic consumers are more influenced by brands and sales volume.  

From the products aspect, Chinese consumers more care about the operation and the advanced technology, but Europeans more care about the fuel consumption. The data also proved that Chinese consumers cares more of “showing respect” on buying luxury cars.

What’s more, from the aspect of income, the average income of domestic luxury car owner is around RMB31,000, income of family around 90,000, the general assets of the family is over 11,400,000. In Europe, the average income of luxury owner is 70,000, and the average family income is 128,000

The differences between high-end car owners in China and Europe are further narrowing, and this trend will become more obviously in the future. 

No matter is the environmental of external public voice or the pursue of inside heart. The  

high net worth population have gradually begun to get rid of or at least intend to get rid of the label of “local rich” and pursue positive social identification and deeper happiness.

3. The Luxury coaches for sale from KINGSTAR

We KINGSTAR with so many models of vehicle types, such as SUV, MPV, minibus, luxury minibus, luxury coaches, minivan and truck etc. We exported to almost 100 countries and regions. Today we are going to introduce a luxury coaches for sale for you, this is one of our most popular luxury coaches for sale.

This model we called Y14, with 56 seats capacity coach.

3.1 The peculiarity of Y14, the luxury coaches for sale:

3.1.1 This bus is pioneer masterpiece of one-and-a half floor series for road and tourism passenger transportation.

3.1.2 The advantages of this coach such as U-style monocoque body structure, high strength sheradizing steel, golden power assembly has lead the trend of luxury coaches for sale marketing.

3.1.3 The design of lightweight body structure with stars. Smart bus operation system and other technological applications reduced the energy consumption.

3.1.4 In the meanwhile, comparing to traditional vehicle types, the elaborate design of one-and-a-half floor of enhancing six seats and the large luggage compartment create more promising prospect for profit-making. 

Luxury Coaches for Sale
Luxury Coaches for Sale
3.2 The interior of the luxury coaches for sale

From below pictures that you can see, the instrument desk of the coach we mainly used classic black color. The fabric driver seat with light cream color and jacinth color which is quite bright and fashion match. With blue color floor aisle, the whole inside of the car looks bright and fashion, especially when lights on. 

Luxury Coaches for Sale
3.3 The specification of luxury coaches for sale:

The dimension of model Y14 is 13670x2550x3860mm, the gross weight is 22,000kg. This is a monocoque body structure with U beam structure coach with 55+1 (driver seat).

3.4 The system of luxury coaches for sale:
3.5 The engine of luxury coaches for sale:

Model: WP10.375E53

Fuel type: Diesel

Displacement: 9.726L

Rated power (kw/rpm): 276/1900

Max. torque (N.m/rpm): 1650/1200-1600

Tank: 260 or larger

3.6 The feature of luxury coaches for sale:

 For features, we have our standard feature for this luxury coaches for sale, such as integral luggage rack, reading lamp. Air outlet, curtain beside the windows, USB port. Non-independent roof-mounted A/C (35,000kcal) and independent water heating.

For comfort, we also have multiple DVD player (MP5), and two 19” LCD monitors. Which could help you release yourself during the journey.



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