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What Is The Big Application of 25 Seater Minibus?

25 seater minibus is one of the major products on our selling list. It is also one of the most popular minibusses that are widely used in our daily life. What about the status of recent export status in China? And how about the 25 seater minibus that we are selling? Here we are briefly introduced to you as below.

1. How’s the status of automobile export in China in 2021?

25 Seater Minibus

Data from China Automotive Industry Association that, in March 2021, the national automobile industry continued to maintain a good momentum of development, with the production and sales reaching 2.462 million and 2.562 million unit vehicles respectively. Up 63.9% and 73.6% from the previous month. And increased 71.6% and 74.9% at the same period of last year. The export of new energy production and sales break a new record of the month.

25 Seater Minibus

Due to the low base in March 2020, all vehicle types production and sales have a great increase (in March 2021) compares to the same period of last year. However, compares with the data in March 2019, the production and sales have declined further in March 2021, and keep expanded. Analysis from China Automotive Industry Association that, under the background of marketing consumption recovery better, the decline related to the supply of the chips.   

From January to March 2021, the production and sales of national automobile reach 635.2 million and 648.4 million units, up to 81.7% and 75.6% compares to the same period of last year, declined 7.2% in January and 0.6% in February. Compares the data from January to March in 2019, the production and sales of automobiles increased 0.3% and 1.8%, declined 2.6% in January and 0.9% in February.

2. Data of different vehicle types export status

Depart from vehicle types, as the demand of engine emission GB VI, initiation of infrastructure projects and other factors, trucks, and commercial vehicles hit the new record of history. It is worth mentioning that, the production and sales of pickup higher than the commercial and truck average level, reaching 14.0 million and 14.1 million units, increased 1.1 times and 1 time respectively compares to the same period of last year.

Above is the data about automobile in recently month performance. It shows that not only the production but also the sales of automobiles are increased after a serious influence by COVID-19 which under control by the government now.

3. Introduction of a commercial vehicle of 25 seater minibus

Today we are going to talk about the vehicle type of 25 seater minibus as recently some of our clients searching this model quite a lot.

25 seater minibus is a bus that applies to those company group or church activities. It is may too large for a car or an SUV or an MVP, but it is also too small for a charter bus. The minibus will be a perfect choice for them, you may buy one or rent from a local charter company. The minibus could be used for company activities, church activities, big events, fashion shows, or big family and friends gathering and etc.

One of our minibus model Y7 is a 25 seater minibus, today I am going to show you the details about this minibus.

4. Detailed specifications of 25 seater minibus

The dimension of the 25 seater minibus is 7490*2000*2875 high roof. This means it will have more space than an ordinary one. The wheelbase is 4325mm. And the seating capacity could be 25 seater minibus which is the biggest seating capacity for a minibus. The gearbox of the minibus we are using is 6-speed manual transmission; the suspension front is Macpherson independent; the rear is leaf spring suspension; the brake is front/back disc brake; ABS + EBD; the maximum vehicle speed is 120km/h.

The engine of the 25 seater minibus we are using is RA428 2.8T (VM technology); the fuel type is diesel; rated power to 120kw; maximum torque is 420N.m, and the fuel consumption is 10.5L/100km which is really a cost-saving for a minibus. The tank volume is 80L, you may have a very long journey, and don’t worry about fuel ran out. The emission is Euro V, the requirements of emission getting higher and higher as the environmental issue arise the attention of every country. We strictly follow the law of every export country’s demand and make sure the safety and client’s satisfaction.

5. Standard feature of 25 seater minibus

For the exterior and interior of the 25 seater minibus, the standard painting is white color. Of course, we have the optional choice of colors, such as black, blue, black and etc. We may customize the color depends on the client’s requirement. The standard window is a closed side window, front electric left and right side windows, crystal, and halogen headlamps, LED daytime driving lights, front fog lamp that helps you drive safely on foggy or rainy, or snowing days.

We have steel wheels as a piece of standard equipment. Also, we have 6 directions adjustable driver seat, imitation leather seats with 3-point seat belt keep every passenger’s safety always. No doubt, Safety is the most important thing for driving a car. We have equipped CAN-BUS diagnostics, vehicle anti-theft; driver airbag; driver seat with 3-point seat belt & alarm; glass safety sunroof, ESC, 2kg fire extinguisher, reverse radar to help you park safely. This is especially helpful for those new drivers. MP3+radio, rear-window electric heating defrosting and full frequency speaker and etc.

More detailed standard feature and optional equipment about 25 seater minibus please send your inquiry. And we will have a very detailed explanation and presentation for you.

6. Frequently Question Asked:

Firstly, what is the warranty you provide for the vehicle?

According to different vehicles, we have a different warranty. But for all vehicles you are purchasing from KINGSTAR can enjoy technical support by phone or email forever. We will provide a prompt solution according to your question. And we also offer the spare parts support at a competitive price. (You may purchase the spare parts from our local agent or some area without an agent to purchase from us directly.)

Secondly, do you offer customized service?

Sure, we offer customized service depends on your requirements.

Finally, why choose us?

We have almost 20years experience in vehicle export, we have a professional sales team who could always reply to your requirements within 24 hours. For the purchased vehicles, we guarantee professional one-stop service at a competitive price.

Any questions about the 25 seater minibus or any other seat bus or any other bus size or types, please feel free to send us the inquiry, we will get back to you at soonest.



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