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The Trading Auto Factory Vehicles for Sale Near Me

There are all kinds of companies around us, such as electric appliances, plastic factories, automobile manufacturers and etc. The most convenient thing is there are vehicles for sale near me, we could take a look at KINGSTAR’s vehicles and share them with you.

KINGSTAR is a professional automobile exporter, they have export experience since the year 2004, in the past 18 years, they have exported vehicles to over 90 countries and regions. All their products are loved by clients due to great quality, competitive price, and great after-sales service.  

Our products range of vehicles covers Minibus, Minivan, Bus, Cargo Van, Truck, Pickup, SUV, MPV, and EV (Electric vehicle). Today we will talk about our pickups. We have single cabin pickup and double cabin pickup, and also have both gasoline and diesel engine pickups. Most clients need a left-hand driving pickup but also some countries are using right-hand driving vehicles. We have both versions. Today we will take a look at our model PF2 pickup.

Vehicles for sale near me from KINGSTAR

This is a double cabin pickup, most clients like 4WD more than the 2WD drive method. For this model, we have two versions for your consideration, one is a 2.4L gasoline engine and another is a 1.9T diesel engine.

Vehicles for Sale Near Me

The specification of KINGSTAR PF2 pickup

The overall dimension of this pickup is 5,330 * 1,870 * 1,844mm, the cargo dimension of the vehicle is 1,497 * 1,499 * 5,30mm, the wheelbase of the vehicle is 3,100mm. The front and rear tracks are 1,580mm. The curb weight of the pickup is 1,830kg. It is a 5 seat pickup and we have 5 doors. The tank capacity of the pickup is 72L. The emission standard of the pickup is Euro V which could meet most countries’ standards. The front suspension of the vehicle is a double-wishbone spiral spring, the rear is leaf spring suspension. The braking system of the pickup is a front disc rear drum (Both brake pedal and hand brake are available). The tires on this pickup are 245/70R17. We also equipped airbags in the driver’s seat and co-driver’s seat. The material of the seats is imitation leather.

Color choice of the pickup for your consideration:

Silver, white, blue, red, gray, and black.

The great advantage of vehicles for sale near me is you can choose whatever you want. For any other vehicles besides pickup, you could visit the KINGSTAR website for the check.



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