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Popular for KINGSTAR BG3 van for sale near me

KINGSTAR BG3 12-16 seats minibus and cargo van is the popular van for sale near me. 

Since 2021, China’s express delivery industry has maintained a strong growth trend, logistics and distribution vehicles have become an important part. According to the statistics of the electric resource network, in July, sale for new energy logistics vehicles is a total of 11,771. An increase of 4% from the previous month. Also, KINGSTAR BG3 van still ranks among the best in all market segments.

In the traditional advantageous areas, the cargo van once again won the sales champion in the list of new energy logistics models. Per the sales statistics from January to July this year, only one model accounted for about 32% of the sea lion logistics market in the first seven months. With a total sales volume of 2,114 units.

1. Flexible and compact, can enter the city

In recent years, driven by the increasing demand for e-commerce, China’s express logistics industry has developed rapidly. According to the data of the State Post Bureau, in 2020, the national express business volume reached 83.36 billion pieces. Up 31.2% year-on-year. The incremental scale exceeded 10 billion pieces for three consecutive years. Also, the express business volume ranked first in the world for seven consecutive years, accounting for more than 60% of the world.

With the development of the express logistics market, the demand for logistics and distribution vehicles is increasing. Compared with heavy trucks of trunk logistics, urban distribution logistics mainly uses light trucks and light buses. KINGSTAR BG3 cargo van for sale near me is small and flexible, with good passability. It can improve transportation efficiency. And has gained more favor in the supermarket distribution and individual industry and commerce in recent years.

KINGSTAR BG3 is a classic in China’s automobile market. This light commercial vehicle originated from Japan. It has been popular in cities and villages in the north and south of China for decades. As it is a dual-purpose function of passenger and cargo and has a huge market share. With the development of the economy, the model has gradually changed from passenger to freight and returned to the initial market positioning of this model.

van for sale near me

2. According to the market demand, launch a series of pure electric logistics vehicles.

As one of several domestic enterprises that mainly produce sea lion models, our factory has launched a series of pure electric logistics vehicles according to market demand changes, emission upgrading requirements, and user characteristics, which are characterized by zero-emission and short-distance distribution. No matter self-employed operators or small bosses engaged in e-commerce, catering, and retail, they can choose the models they want.

In addition, in cities, restriction and height limitation are the biggest headaches for urban distribution logistics users. And height limitation bars are often encountered in some blocks and basements. The biggest advantage of BG3 is its small size and good passability. It can freely shuttle through the streets and lanes. Also, it can basically enter the places where ordinary cars can pass. It’s easier to use and cheaper.

van for sale near me

KINGSTAR BG3 is a cargo van for sale near me. If you are interested, feel free to contact us, you will know more.



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