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Top van minivan with high torque and great max speed from KINGSTAR

What is a van minivan?

Van normally refers to those cargo vans. Minivan is normally for those multifunctional cars with two or three-row seats. What is a van minivan then?

This is a German standard manufacturing concept van minivan. It is a first-class production lines and technology results in a superior quality product. This minivan equipped with a new generation advanced VVT engine, high horsepower with low fuel consumption. The great bright point of the van minivan is the great space, this minivan with 4.5 m³ interior volume, 690kg loading capacity. Which is superior to the same class model vehicles. This van minivan with FQTS full-side safety protection, first time passed the crash test.

van minivan

The exterior of the van minivan

The blue color with fashionable exterior shape was loved by most of our clients. Our young clients especially love the rearview mirror with blinker lamps design.

For this minivan, we have three versions, the basic type, the standard type, and the luxury type. The features will be different depends on different versions.

Another bright point of this minivan is that the minivan can modified to the van as required. The seating capacity will be 2seats if it is a cargo van.

The specification of the van minivan VF4

This is a gasoline engine minivan, the dimension of the minivan is 4,071 * 1,677 * 1,902mm, the wheelbase of the minivan is 2,700mm. The gross vehicle weight of the minivan is 1,850kg, seating capacity as a minivan could be 7-8 passengers. The fuel tank capacity is 40L.

The system of the minivan VF4

This minivan equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The front suspension is MacPherson independent suspension; the rear is leaf spring. The braking system of the minivan is a front disc rear drum brake with dual-circuit hydraulics. The minimum turning radius is 4.75m, tires on this minivan are 175/70 R14 LT. The max speed of the minivan is ≥130km per hour.

Below picture with detailed engine parameters for your reference:

van minivan

We have silver, gold, blue, white, and gray colors for your consideration.

We KINGSTAR as a professional automobile exporter from China have over 18years of experience in this field. Exported to over 90 countries and regions in the past 18years. All of our products were loved by customers, and with strongly competitive price makes them have great marketing.



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