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Those Unknown Advantage Of Diesel Mini Bus Models

Minibus refers to a vehicle which above 9 seats within 30 seats. Normally with square carriages, used for carrying passengers and their carry-on baggage. These types of vehicles are primarily used for public transportation and group transportation.

Diesel Mini Bus

1. The advantages of diesel mini bus

1.1 Long life, economic and durable.

The torque of the diesel engine is low, relevant spare parts are not easy to age. The abrasion of the spare parts also less than gasoline engines. The service life is relatively longer, there is no ignition system, fewer auxiliary appliances. So the failure rate of a diesel engine is far lower than the gasoline engine. Some engines can reach 800,000 to 1 million kilometers without major repairs, while gasoline engines only reach 400,000 to 500,000 kilometers. For the fuel consumption, a 2.8L electrically controlled common-rail turbocharged diesel consumes the same as a 1.6L electrically controlled gasoline engine.  

1.2 Low speed with high torque.

Diesel engines usually achieve high torque at very low RPM. Which is better than gasoline engines on difficult roads, hills, and loading capacity. But on the highway, the high-speed driving performance is not as good as gasoline engines. 

1.3 More safety. Compares with a gasoline engine, it is not volatile, the ignition point is higher.

It is not easy to be ignited or explode by accident, so using a diesel engine is more stable and safe than gasoline.

1.4 More environmental.

The emission of the diesel engine is 45% lower than gasoline to cause the greenhouse effect. The carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions are also lower. But nitrogen oxides and PM (particulate matter) emissions are bigger than gasoline. With the continuous improvement of the technical, the emission has reached EURO III and EURO IV standards.

Sure it also has the shortage that because of its seldom volatile and high ignition point, the starting speed of the engine is not good as gasoline. Even with starting preheater, it also will take several seconds to start the vehicle.   

You may choose the different engines depends on your own requirements.

For diesel mini bus, we have so many models. Today we are going to share some of our hot sale promotion models of diesel mini bus with you today.

2. Diesel mini bus models

The minibus model we recommend today called BG6 & BG5. BG5 we have two models, one is the narrow-body and another one is a wide body. BG5 minibus with 15~17 seats. Due to the different body structures, the seating capacity will also be different. Below detailed information for your reference.

3. The specification of diesel mini bus BG5-N and BG5-W.

Diesel Mini Bus

4. The chassis of minibus BG5

The clutch of the diesel mini bus is a single disk, hydraulic operation. The transmission is 5MT. The suspension of the minibus is an independent suspension/leaf spring. The rear axle is Shenyang’s rear axle. The tire using on this minibus is 195R15C with an aluminum wheel. The steering system is hydraulic power steering.

5. The braking system of diesel mini bus BG5 & BG6

The braking system is vacuum servo, hydraulic brake, front disc/rear drum, it is an ABS + EBD system. Antilock brake system simply called ABS. The role is when car braking, it can automatically control the braking force so that the wheel is not locked. It is rolling and sliding (the sliding rate is around 20%), in order to ensure the adhesion of the wheel and the ground at the maximum. Electric brake-force distribution is simply called EBD. It can automatically adjust the braking force distribution ratio of the front and rear axle. Improve the braking efficiency (to a certain extent, can shorten the braking distance) and cooperate with ABS to improve the stability of braking force. When braking, if the four tires adhere to the ground which the conditions are different. For example, the left wheel is in the wet road, the right wheel is in the dry road, the friction of the four wheels is different, its easy to skip, tilt and roll-over, or other phenomena.

6. The specification of diesel mini bus BG6

The dimension of minibus BG6 is 5,995 * 1,880 * 2,285mm, the wheelbase is 3,720mm. The seating capacity is 20 seats (including the driver seat), the material of the seat is an imitation leather seat. We have two engines for this model, below detailed information for your reference.

7. The clutch of minibus BG6

The clutch of minibus BG6 is the same with BG5, only the tyre using on BG6 is 225R16C also with aluminum wheel.

8. The exterior of minibus BG5 & BG6

We have two face of the minibus, the standard is with front fog lamp as below:

Another face of the diesel mini bus is without front fog lamp as below:

Diesel Mini Bus

We also accept OEM service. For more details of the diesel mini bus features, catalog and price, please feel free to contact with us!



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