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Those Marvelous Practical Different Tons Light Truck From KINGSTAR

  1. What is light truck?

Light truck refers to the N2 type of truck with the maximum total mass of fewer than 4.5 tons in class N truck type classification. China’s light truck industry from low-end development to important foreign advanced light truck technology with 30 years of development. To independent research and development of domestic high-end light truck products. With two years of rapid growth, the high-end light truck market is now showing a booming trend.

  • History of development

On 10th March 1958, the light truck industry was born in China as the “Yuejin” truck. Which was made by Nanjing Automatic Manufacture Factory through its own efforts. The national annual output is less than 20,000 units but it has made a great contribution to the national economy. In the following 20 years, it was in a situation of demand exceeds supply. After the reform and opening up, the truck industry has entered a stage of rapid development with the great development of China’s automobile industry. The annual output reached nearly 150,000 units in 1978 and maintained an annual output of 300,000 from 1993 to 2000.

After that, it entered a period of extraordinary development. With the output and product quality continuously improving and export quantity also increasing. China has become a big manufacturer of light trucks. It is worth pride that China’s truck industry is basically relying on the development of independent innovation. Manufacturing enterprises up to 43, independent brands occupied an absolute advantage. As well as a large number of enterprises famous domestic and foreign markets. It is reported that China’s truck industry has embarked on the road of industrial upgrading.

  • The competition of the industry

Light truck industry development threshold is relatively low in the early stage, the production enterprises once reached 100. With the development of these years, truck technology continues improving, the entry threshold and market concentration are also improving. In the past 3 years, the top three enterprises in the industry market share reached more than 60%. From the structure of the light truck market, the market sharing of high-end light truck products is still low.   

From import and export, the export of light trucks is increasing but China’s regional advantage is no longer strong. With the opening of the whole market, India, Vietnam and Indonesia, and other developing countries rise sharply. The original low-cost advantage of China’s light trucks has been diminishing. In addition, the standard of export has been improved. At the same time, the quality (braking system, emission of the truck, and noise issue) of the truck needs improvement. If the technology can not be improved, the advantages of the light truck are difficult to enter the international market.

  • The current status of the light truck

The export status of the light truck is good, the only issue is to improve the quality of the truck.

First of all, China’s light truck export market is too single. Although our country’s light truck export volume is large. But the export region is still concentrated in the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. China’s light truck enterprises can seize the market with good price advantages. But with the development of the global economy, the rise of India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other developing countries. So that the original cost advantages of Chinese enterprises are also getting weaker. 

Secondly, the standard of some import countries improved a lot. In the meantime, the quality issue is not solving yet. Although the light truck industry is an important part of China’s automobile industry and an important carrier of independent development. With a solid foundation and broad prospects, the technical content and competitiveness of the enterprise’s products are not sufficient. So more clear market analysis and corresponding technology development are needed.

  • The introduction of light truck from KINGSTAR

This K1 light truck is from 2~7tons truck.

Light Truck

The specifications of different tons are different. We will classify 2-3 ton and 4-7ton trucks for your reference.

Firstly, is the 2ton truck.

The dimension of the truck is 5,605 * 1,840 * 2,070mm. The inner cargo box size is 3,575 * 1,750 * 360mm. It is a K18 (1750 single cabin) cabin, the drive type of the truck is 4*2. The seating capacity of the truck is 2 seats. The curb weight of the truck is 2,040kg, the load weight is 2,000kg. The wheelbase of the truck is 2,850mm, the maximum speed is 100km per hour.

Secondly, is the 3ton truck

The dimension of the truck is 5,460 * 1,840 * 1900mm. The inner cargo box size is 3,690 * 18,800 * 390mm. It is a K3 (single cabin 1680) cabin, the seating capacity of the truck is 3 seats. The curb weight of the truck is 2,200kg, the load weight is 3,000kg. The wheelbase of the truck is 2,800mm, the maximum speed of the truck is 90km per hour.

Thirdly, is the 4ton truck

The dimension of the truck is 5,980 * 2,020 * 2,190mm. The inner cargo box size is 4,270 * 1,920 * 390mm. The cabin is M3 (single cabin 1900), and the drive type is 4*2. The seating capacity of the truck is 3 seats. The curb weight is 2,620kg, the load weight of the truck is 4,000kg. The wheelbase of the truck is 3,300mm, the maximum speed is 95km per hour.

Last one is the 7ton truck

The dimension of the 7ton truck is 7,560 * 2,280 * 2,590mm. The inner cargo box size of the truck is 5,330 * 2,100 * 550mm. The cabin is M6 (one and a half cabin 2030), the drive type is 4*2. The seating capacity of the truck is 3 seats, the curb weight is 4,360kg, the load weight is 7,000kg. The wheel base is 3,815mm, the maximum speed of the truck is 95 km per hour.  

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