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As everyone knows that the school bus is to transport students to school or off school back home. Today, let’s have a look at the For Sale School Buses from different countries and regions of the world. It is quite interesting.

1 Marla school bus – The first school bus in the world

From the picture, we can tell it was quite a long time ago. This is the first school bus in the world was made by George Shillibeer in 1827. It was driven by a horse, could loading 25 children. Even though it was quite simple and crude, it is not easy to get on it (Not everyone can get on it like today). After that, George Shillibeer established Wayne Works company in 1837. It is also the same company (Wayne Corporation) that provides all fighting equipment and research technical for the movie “Batman”.

2 Motor school bus

Since the first Marla school bus developed, the motor school bus was invented soon. Not a long time, Wayne Works tried to bring the carriage of Marla school bus on the chassis of the vehicle, there is the first motor school bus. But seating in this kind of design, wind come across everywhere in the winter, is a long story that I couldn’t tell.

After that, Wayne Works and another school bus manufacturer Blue Bird Body Company started thinking about the misery and safety of students seating in such a school bus. They produced an all-metal school bus that added windproof and rainproof glass. This kind of school bus was very similar to today’s school bus.

Modern school bus as below:

3 Why the color of the school bus is yellow?

Due to riding school bus highly improved the safety and convenience of students, so a lot of schools started purchase or customize the school bus service. In 1939 a doctor named Cyr proposed to use a special color scheme for school buses at a meeting. At last, they decided to use yellow color as the school bus safety color which really improved the safety of the school bus.

Above were the origin and history of the yellow school bus. Now let’s check out the interesting things about the school bus.

4 “Monster” school bus

This monster school bus was modified by America, some America enjoy car modification a lot, no car is non-modification. Let check out the “feet” of the school bus, it is quite strong and powerful, just like a monster put his feet in the sky. I think cars on the road will leave this school bus far away.

5 Cute school bus

Showing cute isn’t an exclusive action just for humans or animals, how cute does an automobile acting? In the anime country Japan, in order to attract children to love school, they did quite a lot of effort into it. The school bus is specially made into a variety of animal patterns, such as Pikachu, little squirrel, Thomas, and so on. Not only children, but an adult like me also want to have a try. Seating on such a cute school bus to expect going to school, how happy it is.

Must say, it is really thoughtful idea for those little students.

For Sale School Buses

6 Double-decker school bus

This was designed by an automobile artist Tom Kennedy. He assembled two school buses upside down, now this school bus promoted to be the tourist bus in American.

7 Extended school bus

To extend the vehicle is the signal of luxury and social status. Even it is hard-driving, hard turning, higher fuel consumption, and difficult to drive but people still love it. And this kind of extended school bus is the only service for those children in a noble family.

For Sale School Buses

8 “Flying” school bus

On ordinary highways, cars are not only with limited speed but also quite annoyed when stuck in traffic jams, especially when students need to go to school on time. But things different in Germany. Germany’s air version of the school bus does not exist these problems. The special separate channel which only for school buses, is high safety, unimpeded, and is the most real high-speed express directly to the school.

9 Manpower school bus

India is a magical country, the school bus is also different. Although society has entered the age of mechanization, the school bus in India still in the age of manpower? A tin shape school bus has its own style. Actually not, majority of the school bus in India is normal as other countries. It is because of the large gap between rich and poor in India, it is quite difficult for ordinary people to change this. It will take time to change this. You can tell from the picture that how happy they are. It is a happy thing to go to school. I think that is enough. Sometimes what kind of bus is not the most important, what you are going to do maybe the most important thing. 

10 Tank school bus

Wow, who turns a tank into a school bus? who’s gonna make this tank the school bus? Except for the fighting nation of Russia, it’s hard to imagine who it will be. They are reminding the children that we are the generation of a fighting nation. Of course, it is a joke. This was a scene from a movie named Armored. The only thing you can tell from the picture that, no matter when and no matter how students (children) are always the most important people that need take care of.

Above are the interesting school buses from the world. You never know how interesting the outside until you saw it.

Then we are going to say something that really serious.

11 For sale school buses from KINGSTAR

We KINGSTAR not only share interesting things for you but also practical things. We are an auto supplier from China and we have sole vehicles to more than 90 countries in the past 18years. Below is one of our for sale school buses, this model we called BG3 with 12~16 seats (Seats could be adjustable depends on your need).

The engine we used on this for sale school buses is BJ493Q which sourced from IZUSU 4JB1 technology. The emission of the for sale school buses is Euro III. The type of for sale school buses is 4 cylinders in line, turbocharger, fuel type is diesel. The displacement of the for sale school buses is 2.771L, the rated power is 70/3600 kW/rpm. The maximum torque is 225/2300 N.m/rpm.

For Sale School Buses

Needless to say, the safety of school buses is the first priority thing in the whole world. How much effort did we put into the school bus? You may have told from today’s articles. Cool, interesting, cute buses and those not listed in this article have proved how much we care about the school bus, how much we care about children and life.



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