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Those great max torque and beautiful colors microbuses from KINGSTAR

What is Microbuses?

Microbuses is a general term for a vehicle without a prominent engine compartment and luggage compartment, just like a loaf of bread. The definition of microbuses is the flat head or short head body structure. With a single floor, the engine is in the center, the ratio of the whole vehicle width and height is less than or equal to 0.9. The number of passengers is less than or equal to 9 people. A vehicle that installed seats for transport passengers.

The origin of the microbuses

In early 1980, China imported some “tools vehicle” from Japan which China doesn’t have. As the shape of the “tools vehicle” looks like bread, so the name of “bread vehicle” appeared, after that, China has its own brand microbuses. Of course, it is not fashion like today, at the first beginning, mainly are a rectangle shape. With more and more experience and the popularity of citizens, the exterior of the shape getting more and more beautiful.   

Microbuses come from KINGSTAR

This microbus is a German standard manufacturing concept and a first-class production lines vehicle. A great technology results in a superior quality product. This microbus, you can also call it a minivan. It is equipped with a new generation DVVT engine with great power but lower fuel consumption, low emission, and high quality. The body structure is based on TUD. The key structure is made from high-strength steel.

The exterior shape of the minivan

The design of the exterior shape is quite simple and fashionable, most people will like it. The dimension of the vehicle is a little bit different based on different versions of the minivan.

Below a detailed chart of the dimension, weight, and gross weight for your reference.


This minivan is a high-end microbus, the wheelbase of the minivan is 2,721mm which is much greater than the same class models.

The chassis of the minivan

The tires equipped on this microbus are 195/65R15 with an alloy wheel. The tires belong to a super long-range series, and the economical fuel performance is great. This equipment belongs to the first-class level compares with the same class models. At the same time, the alloy wheel looks very dynamic.

The interior of the minivan

The central console is symmetrical in design, and the layout is quite neat and comfortable. The multifunction buttons could control the sound system. The dashboard outer circle adapts silver color to circle it. Black background and white words have a great presentation and clear. The LCD screen in the middle could show the mileage, time, fuel tank, water temperature, and other detailed information.


There is an 8inch LCD screen equipped on this microbus. It has GPS, reverse image, AM/FM, and other functions. The clearance and the sensitivity of the LCD screen are quite great.


The system of the minivan

We equipped a 5-speed manual gearbox on this minivan. The front suspension is MacPherson’s independent suspension. We have two rear suspensions for your consideration depends on the chosen version. The braking system of the minivan is the front disc rear drum. Tires also will be different depends on the choosing version of the minivan.

The engine of the minivan

The model of the engine is Dongan engine DAM15DL, the type of the engine is 4 cylinders in line, DVVT, gasoline. The displacement of the engine is 1498cc, the max power of the engine is 85/600kw/r/min. The max torque of the minivan is 148/4500N.m/r/min. The emission of the minivan is Euro IV/V.

The colors of the microbus

We have blue, brown, gold, silver, gray, and white colors for your consideration.

Should you have any inquiries or want to know more about this minivan. Please feel free to contact us for more details.



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