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The unique selling point of KINGSTAR VW5 9 seat minibus

KINGSTAR VEHICLE COMPANY LIMITED is engaged in the automobile export business ever since. Our staff having rich experience in automobile production and export. Our factory was one of the most famous vehicle factories in China. We have over 70years of experience till now, and vehicle manufacturing experience over 30years, our staff over 15,000 people. VW5 is one of your classic modes of 9 seat minibus and minivan.

1, Brief Introduction of 9 seat minibus

9 seat minibus is also called a mini-coach, 9 seat minibus is a passenger-carrying vehicle to carry more people than a minivan or multi-purpose vehicle. In many countries, the word “minibus” is usually used to describe all the full-sized panel trucks and passenger-carrying van. The seating capacity of the minibus is various which normally between 8 to 30 seats. Compare with a full-size bus, a minibus carries fewer people, today’s model is a 9 seat minibus. And of course, it could be also a 7-11 seat minibus as customized.

9 seat minibus

2, Unique Selling Points of 9 seat minibus

a, Big Loading & Big space of 9 seat minibus

The warehouse is isolated from the driving area to create a larger cargo space and a stronger chassis to provide a greater carrying capacity. Tail door threshold height is 530mm, customers loading and unloading goods, easy to get on and off the car.

①The length from driver’s seat to rear door is 2700mm, it is quite convenient for customers loading longer goods.

②The length from second-row seats to the rear door is 1920mm, with seating 5 passengers. The effective loading space is up to 3,700 liters, equivalent to the maximum carrying space of an ordinary micro passenger.

③The length from the third-row seats to the rear door is 1150mm, with passengers up to 7-8 people. The effective loading space is still up to 2,200 liters.   

④ VW5 9 seat minibus provides spacious ride space for the second, third and fourth-row passengers; Each seat has at least one first legroom, providing a comfortable ride environment for the users who mainly carry people.

9 seat minibus

b, Efficient Loading of 9 seat minibus

① The sling door opening dimension of the VW5 9 seat minibus exceeds 700mm. It is about 10% larger than the ordinary minibus sliding door opening size. It is much more convenient to load and unload large-size cargo directly from the middle door. Moreover, it has a higher efficiency when cargo loading.

② The middle door uses a classic sliding door design, which takes up very little space when opening it. Sometimes space may be relatively narrow when we up and down the goods. The “open door” can not open, but the sliding door with particular advantages, almost not affected when opening it. It is easy to put the goods in and out.  

③ In the tire part, VW5 9 seat minibus is equipped with enhanced tires. It does not only have a strong bearing capacity but also effectively reduces the phenomenon of tire bulging occurrence. With longer service life, high-speed driving more safe and reliable.

④ VW5 9 seat minibus adopts intubation type rear axle, which effectively avoids oil leakage of the rear axle; The increased wall thickness to improve the carrying capacity.

c, Reliable Safety of VW5 9 seat minibus.

① The VW5 minibus chassis adopts the reinforced beam design. It is further improves the load-bearing performance of the whole vehicle.

② The number of welding points of the whole VW5 minibus is increased by 15% than the ordinary one. Also, the bending strength and torsional strength of the whole vehicle are 30% higher than those of other brands whose body length is above 4 meters. Moreover, the whole vehicle is more reliable and durable.

③ VW5 9 seat minibus adopts 10-inch brake booster. It is further increases the braking force, the brake is fast and steady. Customers’ driving will be safer.

④ From the top of the front to rear with 4 reinforced support design of VW5 minibus, so that the roof is stronger and safer.

⑤ From the first row to fourth-row seats are matched with a three-point safety belt for the VW5 minibus, which further improves the safety of drivers and passengers. ⑥ Combined with the headlight height adjustment device inside the VW5 minibus, you can drive more safely at night.

9 seat minibus

d, Higher Cost Performance of VW5 minibus

① VW5 9 seat minibus with LJ4C15Q 1.5L engine, equipped with VVT variable valve timing, maintenance-free timing chain, with low speed and large torque characteristics, it will reach maximum torque when at 3500RPM, it means the vehicle fuel consumption is low while other brands engine needs to reach 4000RPM which fuel consumption goes higher and sure the cost will be higher.

② Through the optimization and adjustment of key components such as the rear axle main deceleration ratio, the VW5 minibus has stronger acceleration and climbing performance, and its climbing capacity reaches 30%, which fully meets the needs of users.

③ The fuel consumption of VW5 minibus is only 4.76L/100km when driving in 5th gear for 50km when full loaded. And the fuel consumption is 7.41L/100km when driving in 5th gear for 90km when full loaded.

e, Super Durable and Anti-fouling of VW5 minibus

Closed warehouse adopts one-time stamping, with rain prevention, dust prevention, damage prevention, pollution prevention and prevention of goods spilling five functions.

f, More Freedom and Flexibility of VW5 minibus

Can be used as a special logistics transport vehicle, urban and rural road free passage, spirit living shuttle.

g, Strong power and energy saving of VW5 minibus

The vehicle is equipped with a 1.5L engine with strong power. Lower fuel consumption, more tangible savings.

3, The exterior of VW5 minibus

Model VW5 minibus is based on our best-selling model vehicle designed by a famous design team in China. The dimension of the VW5 9 seat minibus is 4490*1615*1900mm, the wheelbase is 3050mm which longer than the normal 9 seat minibus, which means more safety.

9 seat minibus

4, The Interior of VW5 minibus

Strong bearing capacity and large cargo space. 5.2 cubic meter large cargo space, safer separation of people and goods; Aluminum alloy pattern floor, fashionable and beautiful, clean and antirust. The cargo compartment is separated from the driving area, creating more space for cargo, super-strong chassis, and providing greater carrying capacity.



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