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The Top Marvelous Limo Bus Company of KINGSTAR From China

What can a limo bus company do?

As a professional automobile exporter with 18year’s experience, we are not only a limo bus company but also with other products. Our products range are cars, minibusses, minivan, cargo vans, trucks, MPV, SUVs, electronic cars or minibusses, and etc.

To judge whether it is a limo bus or not, there is no definite standard. The size of the bus, the power of the engine, and the price. Limo buses are generally judged by their configuration.

The Limo bus is not a symbol of social status but a style of enjoying life. Limo bus always with luxury equipment, and safety features, so the price is also higher than others.

With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people have more and more requirements for vehicles.

Today we are going to share one of our limo minibus models with you.

This limo minibus system was provided by a world-renowned Austrian ECS company. The whole system optimization review and adjustment including transmission, steering, suspension, braking, and etc. It is a monocoque body structure with a world-class electrophoresis production line. We ensure the limo minibus skeleton can work for 10years without rust. The safety and performance testing are under extreme conditions. This proves that this limo bus can ensure the reliability of driving, including the hot region, plateau, and cold region.

Limo Bus Company
Firstly, the specification of Y7

This limo minibus we called Y7 is a standard left-hand driving minibus. The dimension of the minibus is 7,490 * 2,000 * 2,875mm with a high roof which with larger space can bring a better travel experience. The wheelbase of the limo minibus is 4,325mm. The standard seating capacity is 20seats (including driver seat).

Secondly, the interior of the limo minibus

The interior of the limo minibus is an aviation warm and comfortable style. Aviation cabin cockpit design, combining the beauty of visual fashion and humanization usage. The simple and elegant multifunctional control layout of the dashboard; With the 8inch high-definition LCD screen, you may enjoy the audio and video entertainment and bring a better driving experience.

Limo Bus Company
Thirdly, the system of the limo bus

The gearbox of the minibus is 6-speed manual transmission. The front suspension of the minibus is Macpherson independent, the rear suspension of the minibus I leaf spring suspension. The braking system of the limo minibus is front/back disc brake, ABS + EBD are available. Tire equipped on this limo minibus is 195/75R 16LT tires, the max speed of the vehicle is 120km per hour.

Limo Bus Company
Limo Bus Company

ABS + EBD guarantee the stability of the vehicle in emergency. The latest version ESC 9.0 system will bring more security for a variety of road conditions.

Fourthly, the engine of the limo minibus

This is a diesel engine type minibus. The engine model of the limo minibus is RA428 2.8T (VM technology). The rated power of the limo minibus is 120kw, the max torque of the limo minibus is 420N.m; The fuel consumption of the limo minibus is 10.5L per 100km. The tank volume is 80L, the emission of the limo minibus is Euro V. What’s more, the parking sensors combined with a visual image system bring your confidence and safety when parking.

Limo Bus Company

In a word, as a professional automobile export company, we also accept OEM and ODM services. Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.



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