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The smart driving business would be applied to 8-seat MPVs and 35 seat Buses?

A few days ago, a China famous brand company officially launched intelligent driving for 35 seat buses. It is committed to empowering travel with space intelligent technology, ready to enter the field of autonomous driving.

35 seat Buses

In addition, Huawei is also taking part in cooperating with the auto industry and is creating some new business models with auto companies.

At present, Huawei has selected three famous brands as partners.

35 seat Buses

a. They jointly build a new brand, positioning it as a medium and large pure electric car.

Their cooperation has also been publicly reported to jointly create a new high-end smart car brand.

Intelligent driving vehicles in future:

As Huawei invests more and more in the automotive field, 8-seat MPVs and 35 seat Buses will become intelligent driving vehicles in the foreseeable future.

A smart car refers to a new high-tech car that is with advanced sensors and other devices. It uses new technologies such as artificial intelligence, has automatic driving functions, and gradually becomes a smart mobile space and application terminal.

Unmanned smart cars will be an important symbol of the rapid development of automotive technology in the new century.

With the rapid development of science and technology, we expect that in the near future, we can also appreciate the style of smart cars for 8-seat MPVs and 35 seat Buses.

Under the tide of intelligence, traditional car companies have accelerated their transformation.

Expect more auto companies, such as those producing 8-seat MPVs and 35-seat Buses, to introduce autonomous driving assistance systems.

The core of intelligence is to meet the fundamental attributes of the car: safer, more convenient, and reduce the burden on the driver.

 Intelligence is not only in the safety configuration but also improves the driving and control performance of the vehicle. These are also to be fully on 8-seat MPVs and 35-seat Buses.

A smart car is a comprehensive system that integrates environmental perception, planning, and decision-making, and multi-level assisted driving. On the other hand, smart cars can automatically select the optimal route to the destination based on real-time road conditions and consume less energy.

Smart cars go from the primary stage- assistant driving. Then to the second stage, which completely replaces human driverless.

We look forward to extensive cooperation between traditional auto companies, component suppliers, high-tech companies and IT companies. The cooperation will promote safer, more convenient and comfortable driving of smart cars.



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