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How’s the situation about production and sales of new energy vehicles, including minibus bus

The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers recently released data on automobile production and sales for March.  Data show that in March, the production and sales of Chinese cars, including minibus bus, were 2.462 million and 2.526 million. Also respectively, up 63.9% and 73.6% month-on-month, and 71.6% and 74.9% year-on-year respectively.

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Sales in the domestic auto market are strong, and new energy vehicles, including minibus, have become one of the growth engines.   In March, the production and sales of new energy vehicles, including minibus bus, completed 216,000 and 226,000. Also respectively, an increase of 2.5 times and 2.4 times year-on-year, and continued to set new production and sales records. Another obvious feature is that among the main types of new energy vehicles, the production and sales of pure electric vehicles plug-in hybrid vehicles, have shown rapid growth month-on-month and year-on-year. 

What’s the reason of such growth?

1. Firstly, it is because of Quality improved.

Xu Haidong, the deputy chief engineer of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, analyzed as below. With the joint efforts of domestic and foreign automakers, the quality of new energy vehicle products, including minibus bus, kept improving to meet consumer demand for cars. Therefore, the China Automobile Association is still optimistic about the annual sales performance of new energy vehicles.

The production and sales of domestic new energy, including minibus bus car companies, have grown rapidly. Driven by market demand, my country’s new energy vehicles, including minibus bus basic materials, basic parts, motors, electronic controls, batteries. And complete vehicles, have made significant breakthroughs in recent years. Relevant data shows that there are currently more than 228,000 new energy vehicle-related companies in China, including a minibus. At the same time, high-end models of domestic brands are gradually making efforts to compete with international brands.

At present, my country’s new energy vehicles, including minibus bus, have begun to take shape. According to statistics, as of March 2021, the number of new energy vehicles reached 5.51 million. Among them, there are 4.49 million pure electric vehicles, including minibus, accounting for 81.53% of the total number of new energy vehicles. In the first quarter of this year, new registrations of new energy vehicles accounted for 6.21% of registrations of vehicles. Xu Haidong said that the annual sales target of 1.8 million vehicles mentioned by the China Automobile Association at the beginning of the year is keeping no change.

2. Secondly, it is because the supply of chips begins to pick up and get growth.

At the same time, the China Automobile Association reminded that the production of passenger cars in March was down. It is compared with the same period in 2019. It may be related to the problem of chip supply. Xu Haidong said that the China Automobile Association had predicted as below. The tight supply of chips would improve in the second half of the year. But the current judgment has to wait until the fourth quarter. Chip influence superimposed on the market in the second quarter of last year began to pick up at a high speed. And the monthly sales growth in the second quarter of this year will be affected to a certain extent.”

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