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1. Minibus producing factory background

We KINGSTAR is a professional automobile exporter from China which established in 2004. Our minibus producing factory was established in 2007. Our minibus producing factory is a collection of automotive research and development, production, sales, service, import, and export trade as one of the national high-tech enterprises. The output of our minibus producing factory can reach 150,000units per year. We have stamping, welding, painting, and assembly workshop. In the past 18years, we have exported our products to over 90 countries and regions. All of our products are hot sale and have a strong competitor in their market.

2. Products range and introduction.

Our range of products is a minibus, minivan, cargo van, trucks (big size, small size and different tons), SUV, MPV, pickup, electronic cars, and auto interior accessories and other parts.

Today we are going to introduce one of our hot sale and quite popular minibuses for you.

We have a slogan for this minibus: “Get comfortable with a new way of thinking”! As the saying this minibus leading the trend of global multi-purpose commercial vehicles market. These two models with more capacious space, fire-new appearance, rational structure, reliable safety and human-oriented design.

We have two models for this minibus with different lengths, one is 5.4M we called J5, another is J6 with 6M in length.

3. Minibus introduction

3.1 The specification of J5

J5 is a standard left-hand driving minibus, right-hand driving would be an optional choice. The dimension of the minibus is 5,380 * 1,880 * 2,285mm, the wheelbase of the minibus is 3,110mm. The standard seating capacity of the minibus is 13, seats could be adjustable to a maximum of 16seats. The clutch of the minibus is a single disc, hydraulic control. Tires equipped on this minibus are 195R15C radial tires.

Minibus Producing Factory
3.2 The engine of J5

We have a gasoline engine and diesel engine for this model. For each engine, we have two types of engine models for your considerations. Below information for your reference.

Minibus Producing Factory
3.3 The system of J5

The front suspension of the minibus is the front double-wishbone independent suspension/rear variable rate leaf spring, power steering system; The rear axle of the minibus is integrated pressing the rear axle. The braking system of the minibus is disc/drum, initiative vacuum booster, ABS + EBD are available. The transmission type of the minibus is manual 5 speed, flexible shaft control.

  • We have two versions of model J5, the economic and luxury versions. A different version with different features and equipment.
3.4 The specification of J6

J6 is a standard left-hand driving minibus, also right-hand driving is an optional choice. The dimension of the minibus is 5,990 * 1,880 * 2,320mm, the wheelbase of the minibus is 3,720mm. The standard seating capacity is 16seats, maximum could be 20seats per your needs. The fuel tank capacity is 70L. Tires equipped on this minibus are 215/75R16C radial tires.

Minibus Producing Factory
3.5 The engine of the minibus

Similar to J5, we also have a gasoline and diesel engine for this model. Below for your reference:

3.6 The system of J6

The system is the same as the J5 model. Different from J5, J6 only with the standard version.

3.7 Colors of J5 & J6

We have white, silver, blue, gray, white & light tan and silver & gray tones six colors for your consideration.

Minibus Producing Factory

As a practical minibus producing factory, we could accept OEM and ODM services. Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.



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