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In April 2017, we made the first shipment of 17 seater bus to Egypt.

The independent auto industry in the Egyptian market is underdeveloping. Therefore , they imported cars account for a relatively large proportion. It is an important bus market in North Africa. In this tourist resort with famous attractions. Such as pyramids and sphinxes, there are 17 seater bus covering the streets and alleys.

17 seater bus

In the Egyptian light vehicle market, the 17 seater bus is familiar and has become the mainstream of the market.

Our brigade regards Egypt as its key overseas strategic market.

With the arrival of these vehicles, the total number of 17 seater bus in the Egyptian market has reached 30,000. And the local market share has reached 45%. The reason why the 17 seater bus has become more and more popular among Egyptians is mainly due to two factors. One is quality and the other is after-sales service.

17 seater bus

In the design, development and manufacturing, continuous improvement and improvement in accordance with the needs of the Egyptian market. It is including the stability of the chassis, the selection of the engine, the number. More over, it is including the structure and strength of the seats, and even the quality of the body paint, have all been optimized. Make it in line with local characteristics and requirements.

After-sales service

In terms of after-sales service, we have set up 4S stores and parts warehouses in Egypt, with sales outlets from Alexandria in the north and Aswan in the south. We can say that our sales and after-sales outlets are spread throughout the Nile River basin. Good after-sales service has increased the number of repeat customers for the 17 seater bus. It can be said that our performance in product quality and safety and after-sales service have been highly recognized by Egyptian customers. Not only in Egypt, but in North Africa, East Africa, West Africa and the Middle East countries, we all have a very good brand image, demonstrating the reputation of Chinese buses.

We have teamed up with the passenger car seat manufacturer to redevelop fabrics, springs, and seat strength according to the local environment and usage habits in Egypt. We have specially built 17-seat models for the Egyptian market, and we have continued to improve them. The seats were fully adapted to the Egyptian market. Therefore, we got the good market demand and good reputation.

In addition, the smoothness of shifting and the sense of inhalation, the thickness of the floor. Morevoer, the way the jacks are different, and even the turn-on and end time of the lights. We have made changes one by one based on market feedback, and created a model that fully adapts to the local road conditions. A 17 seater bus in line with Egyptian usage.



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