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The Best Practical Van Mini Van of Year 2021

If you google Van Mini Van, you will saw a lot of vehicles appeared in front of your eyes. But which one is suitable for you? Do you have any good skills for choosing a good van mini van? Sure, today KINGSTAR will share some skills for you.

Van Mini Van

① Firstly, the engine of the van mini van.

The engine is the heart of the vehicle, the engine plays a great role in the safety of the vehicle. A good engine could make you more confident when driving. The engine is the core issue to judge whether it is a good vehicle or not.

② Secondly, the passive safety settings for van mini van.

A lot of people ignored the airbag restraint system when buying a vehicle. This is quite important, airbag restraint system would be a straw when there is a crash or any emergency.

③ Thirdly, choose a good minivan, tyre is also a quite important factor for family.

If the tire is big, the stronger grip it will be also will have higher fuel consumption. If the tire is small, it may cause the unsafety factor. Therefore, we should choose a right-sized and good brand tire.

④ Fourthly, pay attention to the chassis of the minivan.

Chassis is the biggest barrier to vehicle safety, we should carefully check the chassis of the vehicle if it is suitable for us.

⑤ Last, tire pressure monitoring is a necessary function of the van mini van.

Because when the tire pressure of the vehicle is not enough, it may likely appear unnecessary safety risks or even cause huge losses. So KINGSTAR may be recommended that you choose a car with pressure monitoring.

With above suggestions, we believe you will choose a good and suitable minivan for yourself.

Let’s take a look at the van mini van from KINGSTAR.

A lot of people wondering what is the difference between the van mini van and the SUV. The great difference will be the space. Normally SUVs have five seats includes a driver seat. Van mini van normally could 7~8 passengers. It is more likely to an MPV. The minivan was transformed from the station wagon. It has great seating space, the comfortability as SUV and loading big cargo like a van normally is two carriages.

These van minivan are mostly for those big family use, of course, it could use for commercial. Space is larger than the same displacement class models, also with different sizes but not narrow as a car.

1. The structure of the van mini van model M50J

1.1 The dimension of this minivan is 4,900 * 1,835 * 1890mm, the wheelbase is 2,950mm. With an engine of 2.0L gasoline, for the gearbox, we have both manual and automatic versions. Our standard equipment is left-hand driving, sure right-hand driving is an optional choice.

1.2 The tires using on this van mini van is 215/65 R16. It is the Michelin tires that emphasized comfortability and noise reduction could bring a good experience on driving mode. The spare tire is the same as four tires, the layout of the spare tire is to reduce the space in the vehicle.

2. The engine of the van mini van model M50J

We have two engines for this van mini van, 4G94D and 4GA1-1.

① Engine: 4G94D

Fuel type: gasoline engine;

Emission: EURO V

Displacement: 1.999L

Rated output (kw/rpm): 108/6000

Max. torque (N.m/rpm): 177/4800

Transmission type: Manual 5 speeds (DAE)

Tire: Steel wheel (including spare tire)

② Engine: 4GA1-1

   Fuel type: gasoline engine;

Emission: EURO V

Displacement: 1.999L

Rated output (kw/rpm): 108/6000

Max. torque (N.m/rpm): 177/4800

Transmission type: 6DCT

Tire: Aluminum wheel (including spare tire)

3. The interior of the van mini van model M50J

There are two color matches of this model. Engine 4G94D version is the black steering wheel with leather cream color seats. Another color match is the black steering wheel with leather black color seats. The seat layout is 7 seats: 2 + 2 + 3. 2nd-row seat with manually adjustable backrest, the 3rd-row seat is forwardly foldable seats. Standard driver and co-driver seats are manual adjustment seats, electric adjustment will be an optional choice. 

Van Mini Van

Four-spoke steering wheel modeling is very classic, the outer ring of the steering wheel using leather-wrapped which looks gorgeous.

The dashboard is similar to the design of the watch dial. The blue background light displays well and could be read clearly.

The start button is located on the lower right side of the dashboard. The standard equipment will be with the key to start the vehicle, keyless will be the optional choice.

The multimedia entertainment system of the central control screen is quite wonderful in functions. The system includes GPS navigation, Bluetooth phone, panoramic reversing image, car TV, external audio source playback, and other functions.

This van mini van equipped with automatic air condition. The 2nd-row seat has an independent control panel to improve the comfortability of the passengers, and the operation is quite easy. The 3rd-row seat has equipped air purification plant, it was quite seldom in the same class models.

We could offer OEM and another customized service. Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us. Our sales team will have a prompt reply within 24 hours.



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