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The amazing small electric mini-bus for sale highly praised by customers

KINGSTAR mini-bus.com.cn has more than 18 years of experience in auto exportation. As one of the professional auto suppliers and exporter, our cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, buses, electric vehicles are efficient, having innovative style, and good performance. Among the product ranges, the EM2 electric mini-bus can be great options for family use as they are cheap to run, reliable, and convenient for running in the urban city. Here now, you could get the electric mini-bus EM2 from KINGSTAR mini-bus.com.cn.

What are the main features of the electric mini-bus?

electric mini-bus
  • Firstly, the color of the new design dashboard for the electric mini-bus is the same as that of the car body. The main style of outlet, instrument panel, central console, steering wheel, and the overall shape is soundness.
  • Secondly, the interior of the headlamp for this smart mini-bus is completely new in shape, adapting to the contemporary trend. The interior curve and layout of the headlamp are simple, generous, and graceful, which highlights the characteristics of the whole vehicle.
  • Thirdly, the overall appearance of the EM2 mini-bus is more sporty. The lotus shape aluminum alloy wheel hub gives a beautiful sense for the car.
  • Finally, the EM2 mini-bus is with an electric rearview mirror, making the operation more convenient.

What is the main attraction for interior of this electric mini-bus?

  1. The newly designed interior panel of the door corresponds to the shape of the dashboard and is more coordinated as a whole.
  2. The new open-closed-capacity glove box makes the storage more stable for this EM2 electric mini-bus.
  3. 9 inch LCD touch screen could provide good entertainment for traveling. Android system and intelligent voice control system bring convenience.
  4. The 6.2 inch LCD instrument panel supports three interface styles, meeting different user’s favor.
  5. It is with a blue tooth dual-channel intelligent system; the Mobile phone can be connected to this electric mini-bus through a USB interface.
  6. It is intelligent with automatic LED headlights, and a one-button start system for the EM2 mini-bus. For safety, this EM2 mini-bus comes with a three-point car safety belt and safety belt reminder.
electric mini-bus

How is the power performance of this EM2 electric mini-bus?

What color are available for EM2 electric mini-bus?

There are various colors available for this EM2 mini-bus for meeting different customer’s favor. Such as lady pink, Vibrant red, lemon yellow, orange, dark blue, post green, and white. Also, we could customize the color as per the client’s needs for this mini-bus.

electric mini-bus
electric mini-bus

How is the cost for the EM2 electric mini-bus?

The model EM2 electric mini-bus equipped with 72V lead-acid and lithium 120Ah and 150Ah all have EEC certification already, which meet the European standard and sold to European markets already. Moreover, the price for this EM2 mini-bus is ranging from USD 6500 to USD 8500 with different equipment for meeting different needs, the price is affordable.

How to charge for the EM2 electric mini-bus?

(1) Firstly, it is best to charge the EM2 electric mini-bus in a ventilated outdoor.

(2) Secondly, the charging socket should be a 16A dedicated socket, and the wire size should be a copper core wire of 2.5mm² or more.

(3) Finally, charging steps:

a. Park the EM2 mini-bus and tighten the parking brake.

b. After connecting the charging plug to the 16A socket, open the charging cover on the left rear side of the minibus.

Connect the electric gun to the charging port and check that the charging gun is stuck in place.

Red flashing: normal charging;

c. After the 220V power supply is connected, the power indicator light on the charging gun will light up. And at the same time, check whether the charging indicator light of the meter is normal:

Flashing yellow: 80% charged;

Green flashing: fully charged;

Red and green flashing alternately: charging failure.

For the charger of the EM2 mini-bus, please be sure to check the position of each charging interface. Because of the high charging power, poor insertion will cause the charging interface to generate a lot of heat and cause undesirable consequences.

We have many years of experience in supplying auto cars. Products of our company are selling all over China, and are exporting to more than twenty countries and regions. Such as already to Colombia, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Spain, South Korea, Uruguay, Sweden, Germany, Romania, Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominica, Czech Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Netherlands, France, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Mexico, Albania…etc. In a control of price and quality, our mini-bus are popular in the markets. If you are interested in our electric mini-bus, please contact us now for getting it.



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