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Are you going to party often? Have you noticed the party minibus that carrying you to the party? Is it beautiful? Is it attractive? Or is it safe enough? Would you search for “party minibus near me” on the internet?

The citizen happiness getting higher and higher in nowadays society. People going to have more parties, activities or business negotiations and etc. Of course, they may need a vehicle that could carry themselves, colleagues, and also friends to the party place or business place.

What functions does a party minibus have? Is there any party minibus near me that I could have one?

party minibus near me

1. The Uses of Party Minibus near me

A minibus is public traffic transportation for carrying fewer passengers than a normal bus. Normally it will seat 9-23 passengers, it is an assist transportation bus for big buses, and the route is the same or is complementation for the bus. Some of the minibus routes run on mountain roads and remote narrow sections and stop at random in mountainous areas and remote areas, such as industrial roads in mountainous areas, while stopped at a fixed station in urban sections, which is very suitable for this 9-23 person minibus. In general, Bus station will have several minibusses as standby applications.

For a private person, it is more used for family parties or friend’s party and etc. For company, they prefer the minibus more than big bus as it is more suitable for them. The capacity of 9-23 passengers is very suitable as a shuttle bus for company; Moreover, it is quite suitable for the company to pick up customers when having a negotiation meeting. Compare with a big bus, with less fuel consumption and a more elegant exterior. Vehicle rental companies mostly used it as a party pick-up vehicle for business. You may search on google find so many rental companies show you that how many different party minibus near me for rental. With one call, they will pick up you anywhere at any party you want.      

2. The background of Factory

Our factory has over 60years experience in manufacturing vehicles. With the launch of the first vehicle, our factory accompanied by China’s automobile industry for more than half a century. Our factory is the only factory that focusing on vehicle manufacturing for over 60years in China.    

Our factory has passed ISO9001 Quality Certification, National 3C Certification, Australian ADR certification, American Certification, and European Certification, and obtained Qualified as a United Nations purchasing supplier. Self-Improvement, Innovation, and Synergy is our factory’s spirit. We aim to your maximum satisfaction is the mission of the factory.

We have several minibus models and today I am going to introduce our model Y7 the party minibus near me.

3. The Structure of Y7 9-23 seats party minibus near me

a. The exterior of Y7 9-23 seats party minibus near me

The dimension of the Y7 9-23 party minibus near me is 7490*2000*2875(high roof), which means more space inside of the car. The wheelbase is 4325mm, seating capacity is 20 including the driver seat. This is the standard seating capacity, we also have optional seating capacity for your consideration.

For more detailed System and Engine information, please refer to the below chart.

b. The Interior of Y7 9-23 seats party minibus near me

It is worth mentioning that the decoration and color of the Y7 9-23 seat party minibus near me is quite beautiful and luxurious, no doubt, is a good choice for party minibus. Seating in a beautiful car, it will make you and your friends more happy and exciting when going to take a party.

The Engine is RA428 2.8T (VM technology), the fuel type is diesel, the gearbox is 6-speed manual transmission, the fuel consumption is 10.5/100km which is at a very reasonable cost. The emission is Euro V. For details please refer to below.

party minibus near me
party minibus near me
party minibus near me

c. The Safety Equipment of Y7 9-23 seats party minibus near me

This is an anti-theft vehicle, with an airbag and 3-point seat belt and alarm on the driver’s seat, reverse radar could always help you when driving a car. Moreover, an instantaneous fuel consumption display would help you check your consumption at any time, and never worried of run out.

d. The Comfort and Convenience of Y7 9-23 seats party minibus near me

The attractive function in comfort and convenience of the Y7 9-23 seat party minibus near me is rear window electric heating defrosting and electric rearview mirror with heating and turn signal. Such as 11000kcal front heating, air conditioning 12kw front and rear air conditioning. Below details for your information:

e. The Optional equipment of Y7

Above mentioned and displayed are our standard functions, some users may have different requirements about the functions. Below is our optional equipment for your considerations.

If you are still wondering do it have a party minibus near me? We have agents all over the world, please feel free to contact us, whether there is a party minibus near me?

For any price or function enquiry, please feel free to contact with us!



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