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VF4 Special Vehicle minibus: 4.071meters.

VF5 Special Vehicle minibus: max 4.421 meters.

Both the VF4 and VF5 can be customized to be special purpose vehicle minibus according to the customer’s request.

1. Firstly, what is special vehicle minibus?

A special vehicle minibus is for a special purpose, such as an ambulance, prison car, police car, cargo truck, or mail car. These minibus vehicles are for a special application, like government or special administrative unit. In China, according to the national standard GB/T 17350 Terms, Codenames and Compilation Methods for Special Purpose Motor Vehicle and Semi-trailers. Special Purpose Motor Vehicle minibus is defined as “a minibus vehicle with special equipment and special functions for special transportation tasks or special operations and other special purposes”. In Japan, special purpose vehicles (also known as special vehicles) are defined as vehicles equipped with special devices.

Highway freight vehicles are generally modified to transport and complete a variety of different operations.

The carriage of the general special purpose vehicle used for transportation has box type, tank type, dump type, warehouse-type, grid type, and truss type and other types, can transport different nature, state and requirements of goods, such as liquid, gaseous and bulk powder or granular solid goods; Animals such as livestock, poultry, and fresh fish; Goods requiring heat preservation, freshness preservation, freezing, and refrigeration; Highly toxic, inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, etc. In countries with large car production, there are also special vehicles for transporting 8 ~ 10 cars at a time.

Another kind of general-purpose vehicle minibus is for specialized operations. This minibus, in order to achieve different on chassis equipped with corresponding operation equipment, such as shops, garbage trucks, sweeper, sprinkler, environmental protection monitoring vehicles, cement mixer truck, dump truck, suck the dirt, dung sucking, overhead working truck, car refrigerator car, lifting transporter, advertising vehicle, power station the, car repair, emissary, the fracturing car, scientific investigation, police cars, fire engines, aircraft tractor, bowser, charging car, locomotive air compression, ambulances, and medical facilities cars, books, cars, television of vans, postal telecommunications car and snow removal, etc.

2. Secondly, classification of Special Vehicles minibus:

There are several types. Such as sanitation special vehicles minibus, engineering special vehicles minibus, special vehicles minibus, business special vehicles minibus, transport special vehicles minibus, military special vehicles minibus, etc.

3. Thirdly, what we providing for the special vehicles minibus:

We providing special vehicles minibus including cargo truck, transport van, mail car, Ambulance, Prison van, patrol wagon, medical vehicle, hospital car, medical car, executive enforcement vehicles, and radio cars. We can customize the special purpose vehicle according to the customer’s request.

Special Vehicle
1. Cargo van/transport van

The van has two blind window types, five blind window types two models, the body has reflective stickers and the maximum total quality of spraying, warehouse part with window sealing iron plate seal. Mainly used to meet all kinds of freight needs.

2. Mail Car:
Special Vehicle

VF4 VF5 mail car has 2 seats blind window type, 5 seats blind window type, a total of 2 models. The body looks postal green and postal

Labeling, the floor is made of wear-resistant fine pattern stainless steel plate, the roof can with “China Post” lightbox. Mainly for mail.

The government transportation industry, etc.

3. Executive law enforcement vehicle:
Special Vehicle

The VF4 VF5 executive law enforcement vehicle is a 7-seater model, except for the “executive law enforcement vehicle” logo sprayed on the body, the rest. Consistent with civil vehicles; Mainly used in industry and commerce, tax bureau, etc.

4. Ambulance Car:

The VF4 VF5 medical vehicle is a 2-seat vehicle, with the appearance of the medical vehicle, and with a simple stretcher, an infusion hook,

Oxygen cylinder, fire extinguisher, ultraviolet disinfection lamp, rear power supply, first aid kit, PVC moistureproof floor, etc.

It is mainly for rural health departments to tour the countryside or for emergency rescue.

5. Prison Car

The VF4 VF5is a 5-seat minibus, equipped with a prison cage and a cage seat, and equipped with a prison tripod and alarm light

Chair, handcuffs, handcuffs, and other equipment. It is mainly for public security bureaus, police stations, and judicial departments to held prisoners or conducts daily patrols.

Special Vehicle

The VF4 VF5 police vehicle is a 7-seat vehicle with a police car midpoint and a long row of police lights and sirens. The main use is for public security organs, judicial organs, and other departments to perform official duties



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