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Special Vehicle customization – Various Fantastic Minibus Taxi For Sale From KINGSTAR

We KINGSTAR is an automobile supplier and we have sole vehicles to more than 90 countries in the past 18years. All our exported products have been proved to be strongly marketable in overseas markets with good quality and reasonable pricing. Mainly of our products are SUV, MPV, minibus, minivan, pickup, minibus taxi for sale, etc., Our minibus can customize according to customer’s special request. Especially the special vehicle. Such as minibus taxi, minibus ambulance, police car, transport van, cargo truck, transport van, mail minibus, mail car, prison van, patrol wagon, medical vehicle, hospital car, radio car, and so on. There are so many special vehicles can provide to our customer.

Minibus Taxi For Sale

Today we are sharing our minibus taxi for sale. Our minibus taxi range includes ambulance minibus, wheelchair accessible minibus, police minibus, etc.,

Firstly, let’s have a look at one of our hot sale models minibus taxi for sale – Police vehicle.

Our minibus taxi range includes a police car, wheelchair-accessible minibus taxi,  ambulance, …..

Minibus Taxi For Sale

1. Firstly, the definition of police vehicle

A police car is a kind of motor vehicle used by public security organizations, state security organizations, prison administration organizations, community correction organizations, people’s courts, people’s procuratorate, and other units to perform emergency duties.

In China, the color of the police car normally is white color, the rear of the car will have a red word of “police”. Where there is a traffic jam, the on-duty police car has the pass priority.

2. Secondly, the interior of the minibus taxi for sale– police vehicle

Classic and simple color match, the main color of the vehicle is gray. Functions are simple and clear, in case of any emergency, there is an interphone inside the car for a convenient communication with colleagues.

3. Thirdly, the main parameter of the minibus taxi for sale

The dimension of the police car is 5,380 * 1,880 * 2,440mm, the wheelbase of the car is 3,110mm. The engine model for this police car is 4RB2, the displacement is 2.438L, the emission of the police car is EURO-III/EURO-IV. The compression ratio of the police car is 9:2:1; The rated output of the police car is 102/4600-5000 kw/rpm; the maximum torque is 217/2600-3200 N.m/rpm. The minimum turning diameter is 12.5m. The gross vehicle weight of the police car is 3,120kg, the curb weight of the police car is 2,105kg. The tire of the police car is 195R15C, the max speed of the police car is ≥140km/h.

4. Fourthly, the special equipment of the minibus taxi for sale

The prison van special equipment on this police car includes a police logo, roof-mounted long flash alarm, and lights. The stainless steel isolation lairage between the driving cab and the cell. Side and rear windows with a stainless steel fence post. And for the shackles, we equipped four sets of fixed foot shackles within the cell.

5. Fifthly, the accident investigation van special equipment of the minibus taxi for sale

5.1 The HID lighting and elevating system of the police car

   We have equipped HID dysprosium lamp and high power dysprosium lamp tripod head. 5m elevating system and remote control system.

5.2 The image sampling operation system on the police car

    We have equipped CCD all-in-one camera, 4-channel embedded digital hard disk video recorder and 17” LCD display screen on this police car.

5.3 The integrate office and date processing of the police car

   There is a multifunction machine and LAN on the police car.

Besides police car, we also have ambulance.

Minibus Taxi For Sale

6. Sixly, the definition of the ambulance

Ambulance refers to those vehicles that help patients. The word “AMBULANCE” on the car was written in reverse, so the driver in front of them could tell the word “AMBULANCE” from the rearview mirror to get out of the way quickly.

With the flashing of warning lights and the whistling of the sirens, there is no doubt that an ambulance is rushing to the scene of an emergency call. All traffic lanes should allow it to pass, the ambulance always has the priority to pass. The driver can drive the car on the edge of the roadway, on the sidewalk, or even on the other side of the road, anywhere as long as an ambulance can pass. Like firefighters on the scene of a fire, the rescue workers have to race against the time, because it means the difference between life and death. All lives are supreme.

Over the past 40 years, the ambulance has a great change. Until the late of 1960s, the main task of the ambulance is to take the patient from the scene to hospital, the space inside the ambulance is quite small. But now, the ambulance with basic emergency equipment, ambulance, and rescue workers all have changed. They saved a lot of lives in the first time on the ambulance.

7. Seventhly, the characteristics of the ambulance

7.1 The German standard manufacturing concept, first-class production lines and technology result in a superior quality product.

7.2 Equipped with a new generation advanced VVT engine, high horsepower with low fuel-consumption.

7.3 4.5m3 interior volume, 690kg load capacity which is the superior to the same class models.

7.4 FQTS full-side safety protection, first time pass the crash test.

8. The specifications of the ambulance

The dimension of this ambulance is 4,071 * 1,677 * 1,902mm, the wheelbase of the ambulance is 2,700mm. The curb vehicle weight of the ambulance is 1,160kg and the gross vehicle weight is 1,850kg. The fuel type of the ambulance is gasoline, the fuel tank capacity of the ambulance is 40L.

9. The system of the ambulance

The gearbox of the ambulance is a 5-speed manual. The front suspension of the ambulance is Macpherson independent suspension, the rear of the suspension is leaf springs. The braking system of this ambulance is a front disc rear drum brake system, dual-circuit hydraulics, vacuum booster. The vacuum booster which only installed on the luxury passenger car is quite good in the same class models vehicle. The tires using on this ambulance are 175/70 R14 LT, and the maximum speed of the vehicle is ≥130 km/h.

10. Finally, the engine of the ambulance

The engine model of the ambulance is LJ469Q-AE2, and the type is 4 cylinders in line, VVT (Variable Valve Timing)/EGR; The displacement of the ambulance is 1,249cc; The maximum power of the ambulance is 67/6000 kW/r/min; The maximum torque is 118/4000 N.m/r/min. The emission of the ambulance is Euro IV.

For any minibus taxi for sale, please feel free to contact us. We could provide the customized service, logo modification, and OEM service, etc.,



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