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Some Rules for small minivan in China

The problem of small minivan trucking has troubled many car owners. Especially when there are more and more “freight-type online car-hailing platforms”. However, some of the minivans are not allowed to engage in the freight industry in China. Because some of the models are small and mini passenger cars. This type of vehicle is a “passenger vehicle” since its inception. And it is not allowed to mix passenger and minivan overseas. While, in the China domestic market, some define this type of vehicle as a “utility vehicle” multi-purpose vehicle in order to attract attention. And use folding seats to expand the space for a small minivan as a selling point. Now, it is more and more acceptable in China.

small minivan

Firstly, with reference to the minivan regulations of the Implementation Regulations of the Road Traffic Safety Law, passenger cars can carry minivan in the original luggage compartment and roof rack. At the same time, the luggage compartment should not block the visual range of the rear windows.

Secondly, the steel used in the chassis of the main body is generally steel with a yield strength of about 300Mpa (megapascals). It is a very low standard. A heavy minivan will cause fatigue (fracture and deformation) of the frame metal.

Minivan Enhanced

The small minivan with the standard of a truck on the automobile certificate is the freight version. This type of vehicle is replacing the glass with steel plates for the middle and rear windows and rear gears. The purpose of this design is to prevent the goods from falling and breaking the windows. In theory, the chassis of the vehicle should also be strengthened. While many mass-produced vehicles do not do so in order to control costs.

small minivan

Key point:

Freight minivans can participate in freight transportation without restrictions. Also, there is no need to apply for dual certificates.

small minivan


Firstly, the “New Regulations for Delivery and Delivery of Burden Reduction” only abolished the dual-license requirements for blue-brand trucks with a total mass of fewer than 4.5 tons.

Secondly, the requirements for attaching reflective strips and spraying large numbers did not exist for pickup trucks. Other types of trucks are freight minivans, micro trucks, and light trucks. Such vehicles still need to have labels with “red and white reflective strips”. The tailgate needs to add an enlarged number. Missing one of these signs will be punished, so you must pay attention to the details when driving.

Overloading consequences of minivan

The “Regulations on Road Transport Administration” clearly states the consequences that passenger vehicles must bear for carrying minivan. “Regulations” are the name of law and are rules that have the same legal effect. If a passenger vehicle transports personal goods in violation of regulations, the transportation department will give punishment according to the combination of passenger and freight. Or the illegal modification of the disassembly of the seat. The punishment amount for two illegal use of the vehicle is 500 RMB. But under normal circumstances, it will not Deduction of points for a driver’s license is the lightest penalty.

Assuming that passenger minivans participate in “operational freight transportation”, the management agency is the transportation management department. With reference to the Transportation Management Regulations, policemen should impose a maximum penalty of ten times the illegally obtained freight. But if the “10 times standard” is still less than 20,000 RMB, the highest standard should be within the range of 30,000 to 100,000 RMB. It is depending on the severity of the circumstances to determine the final amount.


Minivan for sale must comply with the rules, and passenger vehicles can neither refer to passenger transport operations nor participate in freight transport. The freight version of the minivan should pay attention to avoid overloading. Because the rated load of this type of vehicle is only a few hundred kilograms on average, and excessive loading can easily be overloaded. The super-control has been fully electronic, and it is recording vehicle information while driving. Therefore, the practical value of the freight minivan is very low, and the ideal entry-level truck is the micro truck.



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